Yep, another movie post.  Sorry :-/  Whitney was back in town for a hot second and I made her pizza and peppermint patty brownies.  I didn't photograph either, but that's pretty much what I ate for dinner the rest of the week, haha.  And Becky got back into town from being out on tour for a month!  So I had dinner with her and the parents.  And I've been exhausted after work each day, so didn't feel like getting creative in the kitchen.  Especially with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching!  There will be plenty of pictures then :-)  But I did play in Sephora with Liz, this is what happens when you do that...
 Lots of glitter.

Anyways, I had never seen a James Bond movie.  Yeah, yeah.  I'd seen a scene or two when I stumbled upon them on tv, but I had never actually sat down and watched a movie in full.  With the new movie, Skyfall, coming out, many of my friends were excited to see it, and then shocked that I had never seen a Bond movie.  I believe the best line towards this was "Ugh, you're such a girl."
So to remedy the situation, I watched Casino Royale, the first of the Daniel Craig Bond movies with one of these such friends (the one with the line above, it was his prize), then a couple of us went and saw Skyfall.  I must say, I've been missing out- it's like watching romantic comedies but with better gadgets, and guys like them.  Oh no, I've said too much.  I didn't mean it.  Haha, but seriously, it's a love story (sort of) with action and technology, and usually a battle between good and evil.  Glorious.  And who can resist Daniel Craig?  Nobody.

PS- Have you discovered hellogiggles.com yet?  One of the founders of the site is Zooey Deschanel (looove her) and it's just a bunch of articles that are ridiculous.  Ridiculous meaning you want to read them immediately.  For instance, there is a regular series of articles going through the Dawson's Creek episodes, which let me tell you, when you read about what happened in each episode it is so much weirder/funnier than watching it.  Especially with the screen grabs of the actors.  Trust me, I watched that show, and most of this stuff happening I don't even remember and it's so much better as a dramatic reading.  Also I was so happy to read this article.  Ok, shameless website worship over.

Anywho, to watch 007, I showed up with pumpkin cheesecake bars, and my fall/winter drink.  It warms you up, I tell you!  The drink is half apple cider, half ginger ale, and however much bourbon or whiskey you want to add. 
Photo courtesy: http://www.creative-culinary.com/wp-content/uploads/apple-cider-cocktails-scene
I did not take this picture, but this is a beautiful picture of what you can do with the drink if you get all fancy and add pretty ice and a garnish.  We did not get this fancy, but I guess we should have dressed up and used garnish for our drinks to watch 007.  It seems like it would have been fitting.  Shoot.  Next time.

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