H A double L O W double E N

...Spells Halloween!

I changed my plans at the last second this year.  I tend to not have great Halloweens, I think it's a curse honestly.  This year with the hurricane and other occurrences, the Halloween curse was on it's way again.  Maybe next year :-)

My friend Ben invited me to his place, which was just going to be his roommates and 1 or 2 others while we ate pizza, candy, and pumpkin bars, watched some Halloween appropriate things, and generally had a grand old time being ridiculous.
I was a cat this year.  I'm kind of a cat in real life (my friend has a theory that we're all cats or dogs- I'm particular, enjoy some alone time, love being warm and taking naps, totally a cat) so I just bought a headband with ears on it and wore all black.  Kind of simple, but whatevs, I thought it was cute!

But Odie stole the show- he made a papier mache skeleton head.  A terrifying skeleton head.  He worked it.  Also, I was so glad I was there before he got there, because everyone else that came in, he hid in the shadows and scared them terribly.  So glad I was there first.
Like, that's so creepy right?  Maeby will protect us.
 Then Sam busted out his gorilla costume.  Maeby loves him.
 There was deep conversation happening here.
 Oh hey, monsters, how's it goin?  Can I come hang out?  No?  Ok, it's cool, I'll be over here.
 Skeleton just reading up on his beer.
Cat, cat, cookie monster!
For some reason I find this image weird, like cookie monster has been beheaded or something.
 Candy corn fangs.  I mean obvi.
Gabby took over the skeleton head, Bridgett took over the gorilla head, and I wore the cookie monster head, but I don't have photographic proof of the three of us.  Ben?  Help me out?

We watched Zombieland, some Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episodes, The League halloween episode, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Disney version, obvs).  All around a lowkey but very fun night.  Oh, also there was apple pie moonshine.  Be jealous.

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