I just felt like baking...

Hope your weekend was fun!  I was able to hang out with a bunch of friends at a church bazaar where I got truffles, jam, and lots of Red Hot & Blue afterwards, have a nice girls night (with some hard apple cider I now want a lot of) and then watch football all day Sunday.  It was a glorious weekend, full of friends, food, and...sugar.

So like the title states, I just felt like baking.  A lot.
I had been promising people baked goods for awhile, and inspiration finally hit on Saturday.  I baked several different desserts, with the intention of only keeping one for myself, the simple almond butter cookies I've made before.  And those were going into the freezer asap so that I didn't eat all of them immediately.

I'll blog about the caramel things soon, but the first recipe I attempted was courtesy of Joy the Baker, (duh, love her).  Blackberry jam-swirled blondies.  I know, they sound so good, right?  Like nothing I've made before, so I was excited!
 Melt some butter, to which you'll add brown sugar, an egg, and vanilla extract.
 Whisk the dry ingredients together.
 Mix the wet ingredients and brown sugar.
 And add the two together until just combined.
 The batter is super thick (and delicious).
 Spread it into an 8x8 pan lined with greased foil or parchment paper.
 And then the fun begins.  Add the jam.  This was Sqirl jam from LA- Blackberry and Meyer Lemon.
 Swirl that stuff around as much as you can (like I said, the batter was uber thick).
 Bake and let cool.
I kept some edges for myself, the rest are going into the office (for the people I was promising to make these baked goods for!).  The hint of cinnamon really plays off the blackberry well, and they're sweet, but not overly.  Oh my goodness, find your favorite jam and make these right now.  Like immediately.
And yeah, the overly sweet baking came next...  Wait for my post on that soon!

Now go vote!  Happy election day!

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