My Love, Actually moment

Becky was in a concert on Tuesday.  The Women in Brass concert at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore.  She told us she would be on the right side of the stage, but that if we couldn't get seats to see her, there were going to be performances all around, so it would be fine.  Well we got there about 20 minutes before the concert started.  There were like, no seats anywhere.  The cathedral was packed.  We circled around and were about to play the "ok you sit here, I'll sit over there" game, when a woman grabbed us and said that one of the reserved sections wasn't going to end up needing all of their seats, so we could sit there.
We were sitting on the left side, about halfway back.  And to our left, in the side aisle, were 5 chairs and music stands set up.  Apparently we were about to be next to one of the performances!  Ok, cool I guess.
Umm, understatement.  It was like we were being personally serenaded each time there was a performance there.  We're in this massive cathedral, and 10 feet away, there is a brass quintet playing Go Tell it on the Mountain just for us (sorry for the blurry picture, but I was so close I didn't want to startle them, it was like they were wild animals, haha).  Or just a trumpeter.  Or you can't even see the quartet over there in that side aisle, but you can hear them perfectly.  So many people were just closing their eyes and letting the music wash over them.  And then from the balcony, the featured Trumpeter Karin Bliznik, from the front, the orchestra, and coming up the middle, two women playing the bagpipe.  Usually bagpipes just overpower everything else, but this was my favorite performance of the night.  There were so many great versions of classic holiday songs played, it was so awesome.  Another favorite of mine featured two trumpeters, standing across the cathedral from each other (Karin Bliznik happened to be right next to us, she's kinnnddd of amazing) and it was dueling trumpets playing What Child is This, where they alternated every line, so once again we were surrounded by music.
You can kind of barely see a french horn behind those music stands- I think that's Becky warming up, but that hasn't been confirmed...
Becky moving from the front to be in one of the side aisle quintets (I snuck out of my seat to try to get some pictures of her playing, but she was behind some people)
And let me just say.  This is the closest I will come to being in the movie Love, Actually.  Being serenaded in a church, with awesome musicians, from all angles.  With a Christmas theme.  Especially the upper balcony part with the choir up there.
If only they started playing All You Need is Love and a very cute guitarist was sitting right next to me.  But can we talk about Keira Knightley's wedding dress in that scene?  It's terrible.  Wait, you don't want me to get into Love, Actually right now.  I would need awhile.

And just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about...
Love Actually- All You Need is Love

Can't wait for Becky's next concert!  And Becky, you were awesome!

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