Other November Occurances

Other things happen in November other than Thanksgiving.  Nothing as awesomely fattening, but here are some things right before and right after Thanksgiving!  Actually, and some during that I forgot to post since I took them with my iphone.  Well that was clear...

Saw this on Pinterest and thought it was super easy and looked like a packet of breakfast.  Yum, hahaha.  I baked the potatoes, scooped out some potato to make room for fillings (and then got to have mashed potatoes later!) then put some cheddar in the bottom and two eggs on top.  In the official recipe, they had a lot more toppings in there (like omelet type stuff) and only one egg.  That probably made more sense, because it was hard to get both egg whites to cook while leaving the yolks runny, like I like :-)  These are supposed to bake for about 10-15 minutes at 350.
This was my easy dinner one night before Thanksgiving, when I really didn't feel like cooking much and with more fillings and less egg I think it would work better than my version.  Or maybe smaller potatoes too.  Ready go!  Make it!
 View of the water from the cottage!
I went on a long run Thanksgiving morning, 5.25 miles, woo!  And it was a little dicey that first mile where everything felt like I should stop running, but the rest were way better!  I descended every mile!  Also, this is why I'm broken, cause I should stop running but then I run a lot.  At least it was an awesome run and super worth it though!  There was no one on the roads.  No one.  The road slopes from the center out, so rather than run at a funny angle, I just ran down the center.  And never had to move.  It was fun!
Views of my run.  Nature!
This is an actual picture of the turkey roasting on the grill!  This should have been featured in my real Thanksgiving post, but I remembered I had this photo too late.  Ah well, good work on the grill, Dad!
I think during Hurricane Sandy the flagpole lost the rope (tragedy and a half), so Dad fashioned a really tall ladder out of 2, or possibly 3 other ladders, tied together.  Seems legit.  So Dad put on a new rope, and also decided while this was happening to re-spray paint the pole while Matt, Becky and I held the ladder(s?) steady.  Then Matt decided he wanted to be the one to spray paint the other side, so this is his shadow as I part hold the ladder/ part document the craziness happening.
Then I got home.  Stuffed from too much food, too much everything.  And I decided I needed to make cookies!  Well, actually what happened was I bought this molasses for Thanksgiving cookies- Mom and Matt gave up chocolate for a year, starting on my birthday, so I was trying to support that and make them cookies without chocolate.  Then I ran out of time.  Sooo, what else was I gonna do with molasses but bake with it?  I used Martha Stewart's chewy molasses-spice cookie recipe.
 Cream butter and sugar per usual.  And add your egg.
 Slllooowwwwllllyyyyy poooouuurrrrr innnnn yourrrr mollllassssessss.
And then it looks like vanilla ice cream with a ton of chocolate syrup drizzled on it when you scrape down the bowl, haha.  It doesn't taste like it though, don't try it.
Then mix it all up!  This was one of the few cookie doughs I did not try to eat raw.  I just knew it wasn't going to be very good.
Add in all your dry ingredients and mix some more.
Then roll up some balls of dough, roll them in sugar, and bake them!
And then eat them :-)

Successful November I think- lots of food, family, friends and fun!  :-)

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