A Very Cole Christmas Part 1- Christmas Tree

Oh holiday season, how you got away from me.  I took so many pictures, so many amazing pictures- there was food, family, and a lot of laughs.  So now how do I do this, so I do a huge super long post?  Do I break things up into daily posts?  Hmm...no, there is too much!  Daily posts it is!
Cole loves playing the piano, and particularly loves reaching to hit the highest key, then immediately the lowest key.
We all love that pillow, Cole, I feel you.

We picked out a Christmas tree and cut it down ourselves!  Correction, Ed cut down the Christmas tree.
Cole needed to have all layers on.  It was cold, and windy, and despite the cold weather, we were determined to find the best tree there.  Despite waiting until the last minute, haha.
Cutest nephew ever.
Of course this happened.  Sorry Ed, this is the family you married into.
Paparazzi shot of Ed holding his ax.
We found a tree!  Dad trimming the bottom branches off so that Ed can chop down the tree.
Ed letting Cole hold the ax? 
We let him play with a stick instead.
Ed chopping down our tree :-)
He made it look easy, honestly, and he said he wasn't cold anymore when he finished, haha.
Thanks Ed!  You have now officially chopped down your own Christmas tree!
There was a Santa inside the shop and Cole was not into it.  He wouldn't get near him without Patti holding him still.
But Cole understands high-fives and was into that!
He didn't have anything to ask Santa for, but I'm sure Santa knew what Cole wanted anyways :-)

Once we were back home, Dad worked on getting the tree situated just right, with a little help from Cole.
We watched Mad Men while Dad strung the tree with lights.  Oh Don Draper, you complete our holiday season.
Dad has a system and we don't question it.
Then Mom decorated the entire tree with plastic ornaments that don't break when dropped (or thrown).  This became a favorite game of Cole's (the throwing part).
Our angel, waiting to be placed on top of the tree!
I was a terrible child, and claimed pretty much every year that it was my turn to put the Angel on top, so now I refuse because I got way too many turns as a kid.  So she hung out, blocking the TV until Becky got home the next day!
Enter, Becky.
Becky showing me the Angel.
Wooo!  Way to put the Angel on top like a pro!  I definitely stole the honor the most from Becky, since there were years before I was born that Patti and Matt got to put the angel on top.
What a pro.
Standing on a rocking chair and all.
Cole loves Aunt Becky.
Poor Aunt Becky.

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