A Very Cole Christmas Part 2- Christmas Eve-ish

Sunday evening, a bunch of us went to Midsummer Night's Dream in DC!  I love Sydney Harmon Hall.  The play was fantastic- I had seen it already and raved about it so much that Mom bought tickets for us to all go.  I can't say enough great things, go see it!  There are still a few more days of shows!
Then the next day, it was snowing a bit before church on Christmas Eve!  It didn't last long, but Becky and I took advantage of the photo opportunity, duh.
Ok, for realz.  Snowflakes that stay on my eyelashes.  Definitely one of my fav-or-ite things.
Lots of deer in the backyard in the slight snowfall.

We all went to the children's mass, so that Cole wouldn't be glared at if he was loud, hahaha.  And the kids were all super adorable in the nativity play.  Though sadly there were no lobsters :-/
Then we went home, played some games, gave Cole a bath...
...and taught him how to be a crab.

Wait, we taught Cole how to be a crab?!  For some reason, me and Becky were being crabs at the dinner table (don't ask, I guess it's a Maryland thing), when Patti goes "Look at Cole!" and he was doing what we were doing- being crabs!  So now, when we say "crabby!" Cole does this.  It's amazing, Becky and I are the best aunts.
Beautiful tree, courtesy Mom's decorating.
 If you'd believe it, these are all of our gifts to each other, no Santa presents here!
Can't wait to see what everyone unwraps tomorrow!

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