A Very Cole Christmas Part 3- Christmas Day

And then Cole was on the move.  I could barely get a good picture of him that wasn't blurry!  We made him sit on the top step to wait for everyone to be ready to go downstairs together(a tradition in our family), and Patti and Dad took pictures of him there, and by the time I got there he was so not willing to sit still anymore!
 I know this looks pretty similar to last night, but Santa brought Cole a couple things! 
A new wagon with big legos in it that he ran around the house playing with.
A Cole-sized broom to sweep the floor with
And a dusting swiffer (not pictured).  At the end of his day at school, they always clean up, and he loves it, so why fight it?!
It's like he's in camouflage-
Santa also brought Cole a really awesome wagon!  He put a couple of his things in it (swiffer is in there) and walked around the house some more.
Not supposed to be breakfast, but let's be honest, these definitely were...
Now Cole has eaten breakfast and is ready to unwrap some presents!
And be a crabby!
Cole checked out his stocking first (another McLaughlin tradition).
He got a few wooden toys
And a wooden train whistle.
Cole actually got the hang of it pretty quickly!
 Cole and a stocking.  A still-life.
Becky gave out her presents next, and Cole got this awesome remote control train!
There were only two buttons, and he was really good at it.
Becky's gifts to me were so amazing.  Two adorable cookbooks she found in a cute store in Hampden (one is a cookbook entirely devoted to cookie dough, amaze-balls), and an adorable oven mitt.
Then Cole unwrapped my present to him!  A race track that folds up (since it has to go back to an NYC apartment).
And he seemed to like it!
Ed got me these uber hipster cookie cutters and the mixing bowls seen on the floor, so awesome! 
I stopped taking pictures after awhile since our unwrapping always takes so long already, but I seriously cleaned up in the kitchen department this year!  I also got an amazing dutch oven (see a post featuring that later), some spatulas, metal measuring cups, and a springform pan!  I got some awesome pajamas from Patti, a la Zooey Deschanel (do you watch her show?  It is seriously crawling with adorable matching pajamas), sweatpants with pockets (a must), awesome/ridiculous tall socks, and countless bottles of wine and gift cards (thanks Santa ;-)).  But the coolest were- a Wii!  I got addicted to the game Just Dance this summer when Patti and Ed brought it to the River, and I've already played a bunch :-)  With and without company, hahaha, I'm a loser.  And the other was a request I had of my dad- I found this link on pinterest or something, and thought it would be pretty simple to do.  Well, it would have been, but of course my dad took things to another level.  He recessed the box behind the painting I picked (an awesome one Becky painted me) so that when it's hanging on the wall, you don't really see the box behind it.  He also made the backing from like a foam-core board and covered that in yellow felt (a yellow that matches the painting) so that I could pin into it to hang earrings, rings, bracelets, whatever.  And the necklaces hang off of hooks like shown in the link.  Oh, and instead of a little latch, he put a magnet latch on it to make things even easier.  It's already hung up and holding my jewelry and looks amazing.  Thank you everyone for a wonderful Christmas!

Mom and Cole played outside a bit, gathering sticks and placing them in the bonfire pit...
...while we took over the kitchen for a little to prepare for Christmas dinner!
 Patti made a masala macaroni and cheese, yummm.
Becky made a really awesome applesauce.  Dad made the turkey, same way he did at Thanksgiving.  Ed made a spinach salad with goat cheese, cranberries, and walnuts.  I made roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash.  Mom made an updated version of green bean casserole.  And Cole made a mess.
Cole really enjoyed that wagon!
And he got a little remote control car from Ed's sister Devon.
He really had fun with it, and looked adorable in his formal attire.
He also figured out really quickly that Dad had the ability to open anything, so he went over to him any time there was a box with toys he couldn't open.  He is one smart kid.

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