A Very Cole Christmas Part 4- Aquarium

I worked the day after Christmas, during our biggest snow of the year.  I know, it's sad when this was the most we've gotten, but it was still pretty :-)
That night, Matt and Beth arrived!  They had spent Christmas with her family, so we celebrated with them the day after.  And then on the 27th, we headed to the National Aquarium in Baltimore!
Cole LOVED the place.  He kept pressing his nose against the glass trying to get closer, and pointing out all the fish.  I rarely got a picture of him looking at the camera because you couldn't tear his face away from the fish scenes ahead of him!

Whale skeleton, nbd.
Jellyfish over the food court.  Watch out people.
Matt and Cole looking into the dolphin tank.
Dolphin show!
Catching a bunch of rings with her nose!
He's impressed, even if he doesn't look it.
Dolphin jump.
Dolphin showin off.
Pretty fish.
Like I said, Cole was really excited!
Piranha tank.  Follow that advice.
Then omg, Becky spotted the sloth.  She didn't need any help from the employees, and she didn't freak out- she called me over, pointed up, let me get some pictures of a rapidly moving sloth (and I actually mean that, he was cruisin) then everyone went crazy and gathered around.  It was awesome!  That link goes to a gif I made from my pictures of the sloth moving through the trees.  I've never seen him moving before, it was so cool!

Then the shark area.  It was dark and hard to get pictures of moving sharks, but here is a creepy shark!
We got home and took our New Years family card.  Yay family!  Everyone looks great!

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