Butternut Squash Soup and Just Dance

I got a Wii for Christmas, and the first time I used it, I didn't want to be by myself.
That's very boring.

So after Patti, Ed, and Cole left for NYC again...wait, just a couple more pictures of Cole from right before he left...
Risky Business baby
Going through Emmie's purse one last time before heading onto the road
Acting like he's in jail
Ok, anyways- I had the rest of the fam over to play Just Dance with me and have a feast.  PS- it was supposed to snow all day, and it maybe snowed for like an hour then rained a lot.  Jerks.
I made butternut squash soup again and it was awesome!  Everyone loved it!  Check out this post for the recipe and directions.
Mostly I was just really excited for my new pot that my mom got me and wanted to take pictures of it!
The color is so me, and the pig is just so adorable.  Love the colors contrasting too!
I also baked some raviolis with some bread crumbs on them, and had a marinara dipping sauce as a side.
And then made something similar to what Jess made me in Germany when I first got there- toasted sliced baguette, then a layer of pesto, mozzarella and tomato  They were crazy delicious.
I also got to utilize my awesome slate boards I got crazy on sale, wooo, I'm all domesticated.
So many snacks.  Not as many sweet things, like all the Christmas cookies we had been eating for weeks, which was a good thing.
Lunch was great, and playing Just Dance with my family was really fun.  Becky and Beth were very willing to test out all the dances with me, Matt would allow himself to be talked into some good 80s songs, and even Mom and Dad tried a dance!  So everyone was a good sport to play :-)  Thanks for coming over guys!  And Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

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