Christmas Cookie Baking

Mom is adorable.  About a month ago, I suggested Mom, Becky and I have a cookie baking party for Christmas cookies.  Mom usually makes a bazillion different types of cookies, and has them ready to go in the freezer for when everyone descends.  Well, this year, Becky and I were in the area and could help her out (and for once have full access to all the cookie dough too!).  And duh, who doesn't love baking with their mom?!  Annnnd she got us matching aprons, and me and Becky these Christmas platters to take a few samples home on.  So adorable I can't stand it.
Becky got another scale in before we totally attacked the kitchen.

So first up were Spritz cookies.  You might know these as awesome little almond cookies in shapes.  We made green Christmas tree cookies and red poinsettias (a little flower shape we've always used for poinsettias).  Annnd the dough is crazy delicious.
 So yeah, you fill this press with dough, and turn the thing and out comes a cookie in a cool shape!
 We decorate them with sprinkles to add a bit of flair.
Here we are making the red dough for the poinsettia cookies, precisely counting the number of drops...then adding more until it looked good.
Now Becky is switching the press from a tree to a flower...and enjoying some dough along the way.  She made me look, then held it until I got out my camera.  It was awesome.  Oh, and speaking of which, I was so dumb not to bring my nice camera with me, so these are all courtesy my iPhone.
 Here is the tray with the switch!  Green trees to red flowers!
 Here is the last of the dough- we made a snowman with it.
Then the next cookie was peanut butter hershey kiss cookies!  Becky took over the unwrapping task, for both the peanut butter cookies and bellybuttons...  There were a lot to unwrap.
We had a wonderful system for all of the baking- Becky and I pressed the Spritz cookies while Mom manned the oven and timing.  These cookies I shaped the dough, mom again manned the oven and timing, and Becky unwrapped then placed the kisses on the cookies right out of the oven.  Like I said, we had a good system.
I didn't take any pictures of mom's chocolate chip m&m cookies going on because she knows the recipe and timing so well that it seemed like 2 minutes later we had 8 dozen cookies baked and ready.  But here are the cookies we had so far!  Ready to go on my new Christmas tray :-)
There's nothing more beautiful.
Then we made fudge while peppermint patty brownies were in the oven!  Dad came home right around now and took a couple pictures of us.  I'm about to say something in this picture, but everyone else is in focus and looks good!
Dad brought home Chinese food for dinner, which tasted so good after so much sugar!  My fortune was, as usual, not a fortune, but it was so freakin classic.  Check this out:
Epic fortune, fortune cookie.  Thanks for that!

After so much sugar and Chinese food, Becky suggested a walk.  This is her hat for the walk, though she did take off the apron, lol.
We saw some awesome Christmas lights on our walk!  I like the classic ones :-)
So when we got back, here are the bellybuttons, peppermint patty brownies, and the fudge already covered in foil and ready for the freezer.
Check out this plate of awesomeness!  Regular fudge, walnut fudge, peanut butter kiss cookies, almond spritz cookies, and bellybuttons.  Not pictured: chocolate chip m&m cookies, and peppermint patty brownies.  We were so productive it's ridiculous!  And like I said, we had good systems in effect for each cookie.  Mom swears she's never baking them by herself again (duh, that's the plan!).  So if you happen to be in the area, stop on by!  We have good cookies :-)

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