Happy 100th Post! NY style

Yay!  My ramblings have really added up, haven't they?  Thanks for reading!

Last weekend I went to New York City for brother's birthday.  The 4 siblings were all going to be together for his birthday for the first time in what we think is about 15 years.  I know, ridiculous.  There were different states and countries to overcome sometimes, but better late than never! 

I stayed with Patti, Ed and Cole in Manhattan.  I know exactly which train takes me to their place, and since it was raining, I knew it was worth it to wait for the local instead of just taking the first train that came in so that I didn't have to walk a couple blocks in the rain (I make the opposite decision when the weather is awesome).  I felt so not helpless in NYC.  It was awesome.
Ed was asleep when I got to their place, but Patti was nice to stay awake a little longer to socialize with me before we all went to bed!  And the next morning, I got a huuuge hug from Cole to wake up to, it was awesome.  Also he didn't judge me for I-slept-on-the-couch hair, which was nice.  Before Becky got there, Patti and I took advantage of the free time and got some Christmas Card shots of Cole in.  Here are both outtakes and awesome-takes, haha

Getting dressed in his finest
Turn around Cole!
So then Becky arrived!  Patti, Ed and I got ready to run around Central Park, while Becky watched Cole at one of the playgrounds right on the edge of the Park.  I took this picture, then my phone promptly died.  So here is a blurry picture of a rainy Central Park!
We dodged puddles around the reservoir, and checked out some very cute runners.  Well, I did that, Patti did not.  After our run, we met up with Cole and Becky at the playground, got some food to eat back at their place, and chilled for the afternoon.

Cole enjoying his freedom before it's time for pajamas and bed.  We headed to Matt's for his birthday party soon after, lol.
Matt's place was so awesome and decorated for Christmas! 
Patti hanging up tinsel for her contribution to the party.  See over here for more on that :-)
Patti and Ed had the best present for Matt!  A super personalized beer opener for his place!
Matt's party was so fun.  I knew a ton of his friends already, but the new ones I met were all so nice.  And I had a game for everyone!  Hold a paper plate above your head, as in like, sitting on your head.  Grab a marker and draw what I tell you to.  Trick is, you have no idea what you're drawing, so everyone was on the same level, super artistic or not.  It was actually really fun and I think people liked it!  Everyone talked to everyone, there was a ton of good food, and I had a really great time at his birthday!  Oh, and I got Matt this, but since it was shipping from Germany, apparently ordering it a month ahead of time wasn't enough.  So maybe it'll be in by Christmas!

We played with trains the next morning.  Cole really loves trains.  Like really.  He kept going Choo Choo! while playing.  It was the cutest.
A little shopping in Columbus Circle anyone?  And the Museum of Arts and Design.  It's a really fun museum, totally go if you are in the area.
After us girls shopped a bit, Matt stopped by Patti and Ed's place to hang out before me and Becky had to leave again on our real train.  But we played with toy trains more with Cole until then :-)
Oh, and Patti and Ed live near this awesome deli (I know, in NYC? who knew) that is a block away from the Seinfeld restaurant. We got a couple sandwiches, some awesome salads, and mozzarella caprese salads too :-)
It was a great weekend!  And it was a wonderful birthday celebration with Matt, and I hope next year we can do it again!  Or maybe for one of our other birthdays :-)

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