My resolutions are going well-ish.  I haven't quite figured out how to eliminate my sweet tooth, but that's an on-going battle.  I have flossed every day this year though!  Which I think is more than last year combined.  Which is both sad for last year, and good for this year!  I'm glad that at least that part is going well, hahaha.

And I have already had my first race of the year!  There was a swim meet yesterday in Annapolis and I did well!  Of course my times will never be what they were in high school, but I went a 28.7 in my 50 fly, a 1:03.3 in my 100 fly, and a 5:40.5 in my 500 free.  I'm most proud of my 500, since that is still dropping time from the last time I swam it a couple months ago!  And, I need to be training distance free a lot, since I was selected to be in the Bay Swim this year.  It's a 4.4 mile swim where you swim underneath the Bay Bridge in Annapolis.  A ton of people put their names in each year, but a lottery determines who can actually sign up.  After missing it last year, I was selected this year!  I've also signed up for the Nanticoke 3 mile swim, like usual.  So I am well on my way to my 4 races for the year.  Maybe I should have upped that goal number...
So applesauce.  It's not hard to make, and you don't really need a recipe.  So why are you reading this?!  You're wasting your time!  Go do something else!  No, I'm sorry, read anyway, I swear it'll be good applesauce.  Know why?  Becky made this for Christmas dinner.  And I wanted to devour the entire thing.  So I called her for the recipe later once I had bought a ton of apples and she was like, uhh, you're ridiculous, I just kind of made it up.
So me, Mom, and Patti went to the store for all of the necessary ingredients.  Becky had requested red delicious apples.  I googled it and found that gala apples are considered the best for applesauce, with red delicious considered good.  So I got 4 of each kind.  She probably hated me for that.  I always stick my nose into other peoples cooking.  Sorry :-/  So when we got home and she had 4 and 4, she just sighed and didn't say anything and began peeling and dicing.  This is where my knowledge of what she did stopped.  Did she add liquid?  Did she add spice other than cinnamon?  Did she stir 7 times counter-clockwise followed by 1 clockwise stir?  (Harry Potter reference...nerd.)
So I called her.  Like I said, she laughed at me, then proceeded to tell me she just stirred the apples when she smelled the applesauce wafting around and was like "yummmm, applesauce...oh wait!  That's my dish!" and would jump up and stir them.  She said every time she stirred, she added a little cinnamon.  So she stirred until she liked the consistency, and she said right at the end she added nutmeg.  So that was my recipe to follow!  Ready, go!
I had my 4 gala and 4 red delicious apples.  I set up shop in my living room to be able to watch some Downton Abbey on my computer while I peeled and chopped.  It took like 1.5 episodes, and they're long episodes.  I blame the tv show distraction, cause it shouldn't take you as long if you're focused on your task, haha.  Also, I probably shouldn't be distracted while using sharp objects....
What was awesome about the 2 different types of apples, was that they have different cooking times and one kind of disintegrated into mush, and the other kept it's shape a little longer.  I have no idea which one is which.  Or maybe just the ones on the bottom dissolved faster than the ones on top.  I don't know, but I stirred like she said, added cinnamon each time I stirred, and stopped baking/stirring when it was part mush/part chunks of apple.  I happen to loooove it this way!  If you want it smoother, just keep stirring longer!
And then I didn't have nutmeg, hahahaha, one of the few instructions she gave me.  But it turned out just fine!

Oh my goodness, aren't you excited?!  This is a warm and healthy winter comfort food, so eat it all in one sitting!  Well, maybe you don't need to eat it all at once, but you'll want to.
Applesauce.  Amaze-balls.

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