Blog Anniversary

It was one year ago today that I had finally settled on a blog name and posted my first post.  But even after starting to post, I didn't give anyone the url until my sister asked me "have you thought any more about starting a blog?", and I had to confess that I had already started it.  It felt weird to write down my thoughts for an unknown audience, but it felt even weirder to have people I knew read those thoughts.  I tried to take what I loved the best about each of my favorite blogs and websites, and apply that to my own.  I am definitely still finding my own voice/ style/ purpose in the blogger world, but I've enjoyed this past year.  And I hope you have too!

I started because I had things I wanted to share, pictures I wanted to show...but facebook had just become too much.  It's a funny feeling, but I bet you know what I mean.  So, I dreamed up titles for about a week before settling on Swim, Eat, Repeat (if only I had enlisted Liz's help- Glitter Kittens would have been a year old today, hahaha), and just went from there.

I have things I would like to work on, but I'm very excited to keep learning and growing and getting better :-)  Who knew I would have just shy of 11,000 page views in a year?  I'm pretty darn proud of that!

So since I don't have awesome pictures that really relate to this post, here are some pictures of Cole- after deciding you should eat fig newtons in one bite instead of several; Cole and Becky playing the piano together, and some of us at the park- Me, Mom and Becky walked him over there, while Patti ran then joined us there :-)

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