Go shawty, it's your birthday

And then I didn't post for awhile.  I've barely been home, I swear! 
Becky's birthday was on Wednesday (sisterrrrrr!), and her bandmates in the Army call her Shortstack, so I actually think my post title is quite fitting.  Even though I'm super white.  And Patti and Cole came into town that night as well (other sisterrrr!), and Ed showed up on Friday.  So it's been family hang out time!

So we got a babysitter for Cole (who wanted to play in an ice bag),
and on Thursday we celebrated her birthday as a family at Fogo de Chao.  Oh you know, the awesome Brazilian steakhouse!  It was as fantastic as I remembered it, and I tried not to take too many pictures during the dinner (I know that can get annoying), but a couple things of note:

Cherry Coke.  Our waiter brought us a glass of ice with cherry flavoring in the bottom, then poured a glass of coke over it.  Cherry coke baby.  It was fab.
My salad plate looks so sad.  But even grabbing only a couple of my favorite things filled up my plate a lot.  And with unlimited everything, it's easy to fill up too quickly.

I didn't take pictures of plates of meat.  That seemed kind of weird.  But I did take pictures of desserts!  That's right, after stuffing ourselves, we figured what the hell!  And went all out.
Becky got the Papaya Cream and they wrote Happy Birthday on her plate and had a little candle stuck in a strawberry.  And no one sang.  It was everything she wanted and more :-)
Patti and I shared the molten chocolate cake...and ice cream.
Mom and Dad shared the key lime pie (Mom is staying strong to her no chocolate pact and even tried her best to scrape off the drizzle of chocolate from her bites).
We went back to Becky's place afterwards so she could open presents!
And wear new purses on her head.  No biggie. 
Happy Birthday Becky!

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