Painting Jewelry Box

I mentioned this briefly in my Christmas post, but it deserves it's own post.  My dad made me a jewelry box using a painting Becky made me!
Isn't the painting awesome?!  It's based on a time lapse photo she saw featuring lightning bugs and the stars.  I love it and figured I'd want it around for a long time, so it was perfect for the job!  I found this and sent it along to my dad, figuring it would take him an hour, tops.  Well, it would have, except he went way above and beyond.
See how unassuming this is?  He recessed the back box so that the painting wouldn't look like a massive box hanging on the wall.
And once you open it...
...there's a ton of storage on the inside!
He used a magnetic latch to make opening and closing easy.  Also, since he had recessed the box behind the painting, a latch wouldn't work anymore.  And he picked a yellow felt to cover up the foamcore backing to match the colors in the painting.  I can pin into the foamcore to hold up rings, earrings, etc.  I haven't finished putting all my jewelry in there, but you can see the idea!
And the whole thing is just secured to the wall using some screws and he drilled right through the backing into the wall.

Here are the hinges securing everything together.
And he put hooks into the top to hang necklaces and bracelets from.
Some rings held by pins.

Necklaces easy to see and pick from!
I still gotta add more, like I said, but I really love this!  I've never had such a cool way of keeping my jewelry organized before :-)
Also, I now remember what jewelry I have and don't have to wear the same thing every day :-)  And scene.  Thanks Dad!

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