Happy Valentine's Day!

My mom and dad are the best.  I got this card in the mail the day before Valentine's Day, and it inspired me to make some cookies for coworkers for the next day.
Like come on, this card is crazy.  If a real valentine sent it, you would be like, omg, my valentine is crazy.  But luckily I'm not worried about that with my parents sending me this card, hahaha.
Turns out I already had red and hot pink sprinkles, so I utilized them. 

I've mentioned that my mom and brother gave up chocolate for a year starting at my birthday, so since my mom wasn't going to be able to eat anything chocolate, I made these sugar cookies with coffee as something creative for her (she loves coffee flavor, even though she doesn't drink coffee).
Make the dough!  It was super sticky and difficult to work with (the comments mentioned this, which I didn't read until after, le sigh), but I did my best- I rolled them up and then rolled them in the two sprinkles colors.  Oh, and since I don't drink coffee, I only had instant coffee, but the recipe said that was ok.  It made the dough darker, not speckled like the pictures.
Once they're baked, you can see the two colors a little better.  I bet these would be delicious dunked in your morning coffee (so I set them out super early in the morning and they were gone by like noon, haha).
That night, I went into Baltimore to meet up with Becky and her roommate Nora.  Nora had suggested this place Ethel & Ramones to try, and we were totally down!  We had the BEST spinach and crab dip I have ever had.  And as a Marylander, I really mean that.  If you want amazing-ness, go here.  When we had already ordered it, the waiter/owner/host said "Do you know about the crab dip?" and we said "umm...do we need to know something about the crab dip?".  He laughed and just said it was big enough for all of us to share and that we were in for a treat.  He was not lying.  It was gone in about .5 seconds though, so no picture, sorry!  :-)

Becky and I both ordered the steak as our entree, and they came with little puff pastry hearts on top.  Thanks guys, you made our Valentines Day!
Wait.  I spoke too soon.  Your chocolate covered strawberries made our Valentines Day too.  Becky got a little messy while I devoured some raspberry cheesecake.  I know this is going to sound weird, but it had the best crust ever.  Nora said so too.  Like the cheesecake was fantastic as well, but I've never liked a crust this much.
I'm totally going back to this place.  Soon!
And you can see more on Patti's blog, but check out the adorable picture she sent us all of Cole, her little heart throb :-)
Can't. Even. Handle. The. Cuteness.

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