Antiques galore

I went antiquing with my mom two weekends ago.  We were down in rural Virginia, and I suppose I had never been antiquing before with a real purpose.  And maybe these antique shops just hadn't been picked over like ones closer to big cities.  So I found some great stuff!

My main goal was to find something to use as a bar cabinet.  I found some really cool furniture, even an old Pie Safe that I really really struggled leaving behind (but it was $700, so I got over it quickly), but I ended up getting some things that were not at the top of my list, but had been in the back of my mind for awhile...
Everything in its Place
I pinned this picture on Pinterest awhile ago because I had fallen in love with the globe collection along the top of the Ikea bookcase.  Umm, the exact same bookcase I have and use as a room divider!  I was just missing the awesome globes. I love the mix of sizes and colors among them.
So I have started my own collection.  
This one is awesome because of the explorer routes shown in each ocean.  Like de Gama, and Columbus, and Erik the Red!  I just had to get it!
And this other one I debated, since it was metal and kind of looked like a kids lunch box.  And then I saw that it had little airplane routes shown and I was sold.  Apparently I'm into forms of travel, haha.
And I love seeing the old countries on here- Soviet Union?  Yugoslavia?  Nope!
Any donations to the globe cause welcome :-)  Birthday gifts... holidays... just cause you love me...  Hahaha

And speaking of "forms of travel", check out the amazing print I got my brother for his birthday!  It's a map of airplane flight paths and I love that it doesn't actually show the continents and countries, but you can still pretty much see everything as a map anyways.  It ships from Germany and took 2 months longer than anticipated (order now for Christmas, haha), and I just got it framed and I love it!  Luckily he'll be in town this week and can hopefully find room in his car to transport it back to NYC.  If you're interested in getting a print for yourself, check out for ordering info :-)
Css Template Preview

I also found this old camera!
It was just so adorable!  The front piece opens up when you take pictures, then you close everything when not in use to be more compact.  It's from the 50s and I just walked around the store like, hugging it, haha.  Apparently I have a thing for cute little cameras.

I'll add it to my collection!  Umm, the collection including this awesome one from my great-grandfather, have you seen it yet? 
Such an amazing camera.  If only these were at every antique store I dropped by, haha.
So is it sad that I'm excited for my next weekend at the River just to check out some more antiques?  It's totally happening :-)

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