Bar Cabinet- Ikea Hack Style

**Update 4/18!  I've been featured on Ikea Hackers!  My life is complete.  Thank you for visiting my blog if you're clicking over from there!**

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So you get the general idea?  Take simple Ikea furniture- paint it, sand it, use it for parts, make it something different!

I think my hack is actually pretty simple, considering some people are creating like, cars out of bookshelves.  Or something.

I had been shopping for a bar cabinet for pretty much the entire year that I've lived in my apartment.  I have debated many that I've found, always determining it was too big, too small, to wide, too tall, too dark, too simple, too complex, too...something!  I wanted to place it close to my kitchen, and the only area available has light switches and thermostats on the wall that I had to make sure I cleared.  So I started really searching ikeahackers with a purpose, hoping someone else had figured out a fun bar out of Ikea things.

Well, I found a couple, but again, they were just not quite right for where I wanted to place it, or what I was hoping the look would be.  So I started my own research and decided on a hack of my own!  You're essentially taking wall cabinets and making them stand on their own, not hang on a wall.  My list of parts is:
  • Akurum wall cabinet frame, 30"w x 39"h
  • Perfekt wine shelf, 9"w x 39"h
  • (2) Lidi glass doors
  • (2) glass shelves (comes in a pack of 2 already)
  • Cabinet door hardware
  • Cabinet door dampers
  • (3) butcher block cutting boards (whichever one is 13"x17.75")
  • Dioder LED 4-piece strips
  • Some extra hardware found in the spare parts section of the As-Is department- some male/female bolts to be able to connect the wall cabinet to the wine cabinet (4 of each)
  • Satta Door Handles in the aqua color
  • (6) 4" Capita legs (come in packs of 4, so I had to buy 2)
  • Wine glass rack
Wait, can we pause for a second?  Can we check out the amazing disco bedroom shown as an example on the website for these Dioder strips?  Amazeballs.  Not entirely what I was going to use them for, but now I question why I wasn't, hahaha.

Anyways, so the week before I bought all this stuff, I recruited my mom and dad to go to Ikea with me, and I walked them through my plan.  My dad used to work construction, as well as made cabinets.  Perfect!  I knew if he thought my plan would work, then I could proceed.  So we talked shop and I got the go-ahead from him.  I headed home to measure my space to decide the final cabinet dimensions we would buy (you can pick 30" or 36" width, and 30" or 39" height- the wine shelf can match either the 30" or 39" height, so that wasn't a problem).

My mom and I headed back to Ikea the next weekend to get all of the supplies as listed.  It took us 3 trips (awesome).  We were loading everything into the car when we did a quick box count and realized there was no way we had everything- we checked the cabinet receipt (kitchen stuff is full-service, not self-service like the rest of Ikea) and realized the shelves and the wine cabinet had not been ordered.  Thanks lady.  So we went back through the store and got everything.  The 3rd trip came much later when we opened up the doors at my apartment (halfway through assembly) and discovered they were not glass doors like I wanted, they were solid wood.  Again, thanks lady.

We called Dad on the way home and had him meet us at my apartment, ready with power tools and expertise.  Like serious expertise.  We assembled the cabinet frame first, then assembled the wine cabinet, following all instructions as usual.  Since these cabinets had to support themselves, we had to bolt them together with the spare parts we picked up.  Dad picked some of the pre-drilled holes on the wall cabinet side to take over for the task- he picked ones close to the top and bottom and drilled them all the way through to the wine cabinet side (since these screws were European mm sizes, he picked a drill bit closest to the size we needed, and just widened the hole a little as he drilled.)  He did this both front and back at both the top and bottom.
Annnnd, learn from our mistake- turns out the doors needed the front top and bottom holes we had just used to attach to.  So he had take those out (he left the back ones in the same place) to re-drill two more a little higher and lower to clear the door (still using the pre-drilled ones from the cabinet side).  This was right when we found out I had the wrong doors anyways, so while he changed things up, my mom and I headed back to Ikea- her to stand in line and return the wrong doors, me to go back to the kitchen section to get another order started with my correct doors.  I understand why it's not a self-service section but after having this lady screw up my order 3 times, I don't see how I could have done worse...
Anyways, we got back and Dad had finished re-bolting the cabinets together, and had added the legs to the bottom.  He placed them in the bottom corners of the overall piece, as well as 2 more in the corners of the wall cabinet next to the wine cabinet.  When we debated if we needed more than 4 legs on this thing, he asked what I was going to be putting in it.  I go, "Umm, are you joking?  Many many bottles of wine and liquor."  He goes, "Oh, right, then I'd feel safer with the extra legs on there."  Hahaha
Now came the fun parts!  My parents figured out attaching the doors and door handles (making a template to make sure we drilled the holes in the right places) while I attached the wine glass rack to the top and figured out lighting.  I attached two strips together and placed them on the front and back of the top of the cabinet.  With the glass shelves, I knew the light would diffuse through the whole cabinet, and I'm glad I didn't place them on the bottom because then you would see the LED strips.
All I had left to do was the top, which would have to wait a little.  Since you don't see the tops of wall cabinets usually, there were visible screws and such that didn't make the prettiest surface.  At this point you could get a laminate, butcher block, marble top from Ikea, Home Depot, Lowes, wherever.
I had decided to use some cutting boards though, cut to fit, to make up the top.  It required using 3 of them for the length, but the width wouldn't need any adjustments.
So my dad helped me measure everything (I only wanted a 3/4" overhang on either side- so 40.5" total length), slice off the rounded edges of all but 2 sides...
...glued and clamped them together, then sanded them down to look like one uniform piece of butcher block.
We attached it from the bottom with a few screws- just enough to hold it in place, not super heavy duty ones.
Minor detail- I attached the LED remote thing to the side using velcro, just to keep it out of the way but still accessible.
And then everything was complete!  I cannot tell you how happy I am with the finished result.  It is just so...ME!  I mean, duh, I had customized everything for the space I wanted to put it in, picked the finishes, everything!  I've already received rave reviews and questions of if it can be made in other colors, so I hope you will look at Ikea furniture differently now.  Maybe as fun building blocks instead of set simple pieces?
Now come over and fix yourself a drink!

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