Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!  The whole family has been in town since the teachers have Spring Break and Patti happened to be off for the weekend too :-)  We've been having a great time with Cole, who is talking a lot and loves to repeat the things you say.  He is great at our names and only occasionally gets our names wrong.  When I first came home and Mom walked in behind me, he yells "Becky!  Grampa!"  I couldn't be offended at all being called Becky when there's no way Emmie looks like Grampa, hahaha.  But otherwise, he gets our names right- which just melts my heart.  It's so unfair how adorable he is.  So here are some greatest hits from our weekend!

Cole washing dishes.
Cole and Becky playing the piano together.
Clark's Elioak Farm.  Apparently there was an Easter Egg Hunt.  Cole wasn't bothered by the line though and just danced while we waited.
 Weird Rapunzel at the Farm.
Becky looking way cooler than the Farm requires.
Cole is too short to see into the house, so right after this he ran at Ed to lift him up to look in.
 Beth and Papa Bear.
 Me and Papa Bear.
 Becky and Humpty Dumpty on the wall.
Me, Humpty, and Becky trying to stay on the wall.
 I love this picture.  Beth, Matt and Becky and some gingerbread men.
 Dad and Cole and a goat.
Cole just sat and watched this horse for a bit, pretty content to just watch him eat.
Cole petting a horse.
 Horse looking dejected as Cole walks away.
Cole feeding the goats.
Ed and Cole looking at the pigs. 
 A goat and her twin babies- Butterscotch and Marshmallow.  Can you tell which is which?
 Cole and a donkey.
Cole and Emmie!
Ed, Patti and Cole and the Easter Bunny House!
People hung out at my place for dad to install my bar cabinet top and for everyone to see it.  Cole decided my closet was the perfect size for him and kept calling it his house and loved hanging out in there.
It's been a wonderful weekend for family time and I've loved seeing everyone!  Happy Easter guys!

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