Oscars Party

Gabby and Hanna did an excellent job hosting an Oscars Party at their place in Silver Spring!  I was crazy excited (as shown by my baking of salted caramel brownies and dark chocolate and pistachio cookies) and got into the theme of Hollywood Glamour with a sparkly shirt, 20" heels (or maybe like 4"), and winged eyeliner.
The light was perfect coming through my windows with the afternoon sun, I just forgot that my blinds would cast a shadow (I'm smart sometimes), but I ended up liking the effect and I'm pretending it was on purpose :-)

They had a martini and champagne bar set up.
They had a ton of food- cookies, pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese, and pizza!  I added my brownies and cookies to this, and the other girls brought chips and salsa and more pizza!  I was stuffed, haha.
Chalkboard plates made by Hanna and labeled for the occasion :-)
 When we got there, there were ballots and pens, ready for us to guess who would win in each category...
...there was a red carpet to walk...
(Oh that is a sparkly shirt...)

...and martinis (or champagne) made for us!
I was all set to pick my favorites in each category!
While we waited for the actual Oscars to start, we watched the pre-show of the red carpet and totally judged all the dresses for 3 hours, haha, so girlie.

And when it got dark, they had set up candles and mini lights on their balcony to add to the ambiance.  Ow ow!
I didn't end up correctly picking many of the winners, but that's ok!  Thank you Gabby and Hanna for hosting such a fun party! 

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