Spring Forward

This entire weekend was beautiful!  The weather was perfect, and I took advantage yesterday by going for a 5 mile run and exploring a park nearby then walking to my bank to deposit a check, and also going for a walk with Paula, who was in town from Seattle for work!  Phew, I was exhausted last night, haha.  And I loved driving around with the windows down, and getting to open the windows in my apartment to get some fresh air! 
Another reason I love the warm weather and tease of spring, is the food!  Spring vegetables are such a welcome change from the heavy winter foods I've been eating.  I'm not entirely sure these veggies are in season yet, but when it's 65 degrees outside, it's hard to want beef stew (sorry beef stew).  And I can't wait for berries too!  Oh this is an exciting time of year :-)
I love using this sauce from Trader Joe's and combining a ton of veggies with some chicken to make a quick and easy dinner.  The spice of the sauce with all of the vegetables it to die for.  In this stir-fry I used one bunch of asparagus, one zucchini, one red bell pepper, a can of stewed tomatoes, three chicken breasts, and the jar of sauce.  Put it on top of rice, or eat it with some naan bread, or by itself, or however you want! 
I really hope this weather sticks around for a bit!  It's nice to want to be outside and go for runs and not be freezing all the time :-)
PS- On my run, I managed to run past a group of girl scouts selling cookies and because of the sun being in my eyes, didn't realize it until I was like, just past them.  I appreciated them not accosting me on my run (like I had any money on me anyways), but I totally made a deal with myself to walk back to them and buy some Thin Mints.  So yes, my walk to the bank to deposit checks also involved taking out some money for Thin Mints.  I was totally ok with my decisions.  Also, when I got there, they all exclaimed that they didn't want to bother me on my run earlier but were glad I had come back :-)

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