The River

 I got a new camera.  A Canon 7D.
But then I had to wait a couple days for the new memory card from amazon.  I didn't plan that very well.  So I tried to read the manual a ton to learn all the new features of my camera before I could even really use it.
It kind of worked, but I stopped reading pretty quickly out of boredom.  I do need to sit down and learn all of the new functions though!  It would be nice to learn things now, rather than learn my camera could do something really cool years from now.  Right?!
So the memory card came in right before I left for the River for the weekend, and once I got there, I got to play around a little before it got completely dark for the night.
Mom took this, to ensure I had a picture taken of me with my new camera.  I don't have many pictures of me, so thanks Mom!  Wish I wasn't already in sweats and ready for bed, but really that happens almost as soon as I get home, haha.
But then the next night was just gorgeous sky!  With the clouds and sunset and the still water, I ran outside for a few minutes before dinner to capture the light.
So yes, a lot of these are similar, but I couldn't help it, it was just so awesome looking!
 Wooo, new camera!
I especially loved the clouds and their reflection.
And in the few minutes I was outside capturing everything, the solar lights turned on for the night.  I can't wait for it to get warmer and be at the River more this summer!
I relaxed and finally got to sleep in.  I watched a ton of Homeland with the parents (gah that show is nuts! expect more detail on that one later...), went antique shopping (again, more on that later), and generally got to recharge.  It was a well-needed weekend away :-)

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