A swimmer on dry land

I managed to hurt myself (shocker) by falling down the stairs in my apartment.  (slow clap)  I am usually wearing slippers with a rubber sole on the bottom, but this time I was just in socks.  My left ankle tweaked just a little bit, so I stepped on that foot wrong and slid down a couple stairs.  When I could regain my composure again and assess what hurt, it turned out to be the top of my right foot.  Go figure.  Nothing wrong with an ankle at all.  I think in my effort to stop myself falling down the entire staircase, that foot was jamming against the stairs and something managed to hit wrong and once again, I had some dumb injury to recover from.  *Please note that I have sprained both ankles twice within the past 10 years.  One was during a simple walk to class where I transitioned from the sidewalk to the grass to get around something blocking the sidewalk.  Genius over here.
PS-  Did you know that a sports bra you rarely wear anymore is the perfect thing to wrap around your foot twice to hold an ice pack on your foot while you elevate it?  :-)  True story. 

This foot injury happened the evening of Easter, so it was almost exactly 3 weeks until an Olympic Tri I had committed to with my brother Matt, his girlfriend Beth, and their friends Dan and Celeste.  Which is now tomorrow, ahhh!  I could barely walk that Monday, but of course I went to swim practice!  Hahahaha, I couldn't kick, so I could only do freestyle all morning, and I could only do one-legged flipturns.  I was a sight.

And I was so mad.  I have a lot of races planned this year, and not being able to kick or walk was not in the cards!  I held off from emailing the tri crew, since I figured 3 weeks might actually be enough time to recover from the grace I seem to have while on land.  By the end of week one I could walk better, and could flipturn again with both feet.  But I had to be careful- one wrong step, or being too far from the wall triggered a sudden pain and I'm sure some people were wondering about the yells they were hearing underwater.  Sorry- that was me, didn't mean to startle you.  I even went on a short and very slow run (then limped the rest of the day), I was encouraged.

At the end of week 2, I was able to run again (concentrating all the while to not step wrong), and was even able to dive off the blocks at a UMD Club Swimming Alumni swim meet.  (It was here, as I was starting to explain my injury, that another Alumnus said "wait wait, all you really need to explain is that you are a swimmer trying to function on dry land."  She's right.)  I had intended to just swim the 500 free I had signed up for, and not the 50 and 100 fly, since I still couldn't kick.  But then the meet was so small, there were only 2 people swimming the 100 fly, and I didn't want to leave the other girl hanging.  Well, she left me hanging, and they ended up putting me in the guy heat (worse.).  I completely took my time during that 100, but I could kick!  I had no real power coming from that foot, but it was definitely a kick!  I was again encouraged.  It's very interesting to note that while I could run ok, kicking in the pool was difficult.  It was the motion and the flick of the feet that I couldn't get without pain, so strange.

And now, almost to the end of week 3, I woke up this morning with almost full range of motion again.  Hallelujah!  I was even able to do the 300 kick today in warm-up, yay!!  Again, no real power was coming from that foot, but it meant there was progress being made.  I am excited for the tri tomorrow, but I will be watching every step.  I wish I had had more time to train in warm weather (I've biked maybe once this season?? oops), and that I hadn't been hurt during the more crucial training time, but this race will just be about finishing the thing.  Oh yes, I'm still competitive, but honestly, I'm going to be happy just to finish.

Sorry this was a boring post, but I'll have more info and hopefully pictures after the tri tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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