Happy 2nd Birthday Cole

Cole turned two on Friday.  Where has the time gone?!  He understood that wrapped things meant something fun.  He knew so many more words than even the last time I saw him.  He could be reasoned with ("No Cole, we have to wait to unwrap those until everyone is awake"), and was the most fun 2 year old to hang out with.  But again, I'm pretty sure I'm partial... 

Mom, Dad, Becky and I all arrived around 8pm on Friday evening, his actual birthday.  Instead of trying to celebrate then, we waited until the morning so that he wouldn't get super wound up right before bed.  I think he was anyway, just because we were there, but what are you gonna do.  So there was a lot of unwrapping to be done! 
After unwrapping, we headed to Riverside to run (Patti and I) or to Hippo Playground (Mom, Dad, Becky and Cole).  After some nice outdoor time, we went to Whole Foods to get some amazing food for the party later!  Patti had invited a ton of family and friends to come to Central Park to celebrate with Cole.  It meant people could show up whenever and stay however long they wanted, the kids could run around, and we could enjoy the spring day outdoors.

Unfortunately, we must have worn Cole out in the morning, because he was still napping when it was time to leave and meet everyone in the park.  He wasn't a happy camper at first, and the balloons tied to his vest didn't help.  But he rallied quickly, especially when he realized we were going outside to play!
Celia was nice enough to bring Cole a card, which Cole accepted gracefully :-)
Oh she is just so cute!

Then the shark bubble machine came out to play.  It was one of the things Becky got for Cole, cause she was thinking ahead to his outdoor party!
 Cole really enjoyed popping the bubbles when they landed on the grass and blankets.
 Where did that hammer come from?
 Still playing with bubbles.
  Then we sang Happy Birthday to Cole!  He loved clapping at the end :-)
And Cole got to eat a piece of birthday cake.
 Cole and Uncle Matt.
 Cole and Aunt A.
Dan's turn to play with the shark bubble machine.
We had so much fun!  Cole (I think) had a great birthday surrounded by friends and family, and I hope he enjoys all of his new books about cars, trains, trucks, and machines in general :-)  Oh yeah, and I bet he'll be zooming around on that scooter in no time.

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