It's a Beautiful Day and It's Great to Be Alive

How can you be sad on such a gorgeous Spring day?  It's sunny, it's warm, the birds are chirping, the humidity hasn't descended upon Maryland quite yet, and I got to wear my white jeans for the first time for the season without feeling like I was pushing it. 
All in all, a wonderful day to be drinking a refreshing drink and catching up on your Mad Men.  We all know how I feel about Mad Men, and it's back baby.  And Game of Thrones.  Why must all the good shows come on at the same time?

You don't even need a recipe for this one, I trust you.  Just cut up whatever fruit you have on hand (mangoes and strawberries are maybe my two favorite) and pour some wine over it.  Red, white, whatever your style.  We're making an impromptu sangria here :-)  Then chill out on your couch, kick those shoes off, and catch up on your favorite tv shows with the windows wide open and a drink in your hand.

Cheers everyone!  Or a votre sante!

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