Happy Memorial Day!

Are you sick of sunset pictures from the River yet?  Umm, if you are, don't bother reading this post...  But if you're not, great!  I have a ton of them for you!

Becky, her roommates Tessa and Nora, and I all drove down together on Friday.  We caught up with the parents who had gotten there the night before, and arrived just in time for me to run onto the pier and take pictures of the sunset.  I had mentioned on the way down that this was my plan- Nora said she would laugh as I ran onto the pier for pictures while she poured herself a glass of wine.  Both of us fulfilled those plans.  That evening and Saturday were suuuper windy.  I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but the wind was blowing a lot of the water out of our creek.  We actually had a beach!
We went antiquing during the day on Saturday, and even laid out a bit in the front yard- turns out the water side was super windy and cold, while the front was blocked from most of the wind and was actually a pretty nice day.  Again, I know that sounds ridiculous, but trust me, I got tan there, haha.

That evening, I was told to go to our neighbor's pier to get sunset pictures.  This would allow our boat and pier to finally be in some pictures!  It was actually a lot calmer than it had been, but the water was still pretty choppy for the evening.
Did I mention I took like, a 2 hour nap after antiquing?  Cause I did.  Nora and I decided a siesta was totally in the cards.  Becky and Tessa contributed to society (we live in a society!!) and tie-dyed tshirts instead!  They each made 3, haha, and somehow still took a nap themselves before Nora and I were functioning again.
We ate like kings, then I went outside again and saw the brilliant moonrise.  I was now totally committed to documenting this, haha.
I didn't drive, so I didn't have the tripod I keep in the back of my car (nerd alert.), so I just had to sit super still and not breathe and take a couple versions of each picture or I just sat the camera on the pier so I could breathe freely, haha.
Sometimes I was more successful than others...
But generally I'm pretty good at just sitting still and letting my camera do its job.
The next day I swam 3.6 miles- across the creek and back 6 times (12 lengths).  Dad was nice enough to kayak next to me the whole time!  And he kept himself occupied with timing me and creating stats.  When I finished he knew my first 6 lengths times, and was already figuring out how long the Bay would take me if I continued at that pace.  It was a great swim despite the wind still being a factor :-)

Then of course it was paparazzi time.  Becky was going out to play on the pier, so I followed!  The light wasn't perfect this time, but there was a group of guys 2 doors down who had finally gone inside and she felt comfortable sitting there playing scales for all to hear now that they weren't 50 yards away...
My toes are such little things...
Then Becky took over the camera for a bit, as she tends to do.
Then because I was in sweatpants and was barely showered for the day, I turned the focus right back around.  Phew, I feel so much more comfortable on this side of the camera.
And once again, there was a sunset for me to check out.  There's the kayak from Dad going back and forth across the creek for over an hour.  Le boring for him.
But wait!  There were also fireworks!
Abstract of fireworks.
And green light fun.  This thing attracted so many fish that night!  Maybe they were excited the wind had died down too!
The green light gives everything a greenish glow in the long exposures.  That and the millions of stars makes me love these pictures!
And before we had to leave on Monday, we were on a boat, obvs.  We cruised around with Dad at the wheel and enjoyed the tour.
Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

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