Hot Fudge Pie

I know what you're thinking.  Mostly because I'm psychic.  You're thinking who wants to spend the time to actually make a pie.  Cutting butter into flour to create the perfect dough, letting said dough rest, rolling out the dough to the perfect uniform thickness, re-refrigerating the dough again...  Can you tell I have dough issues?  And we haven't even gotten into making the filling yet.

So when I discovered this recipe for Hot Fudge Pie, and it really just looked like an amazing brownie, without any need for dough, I was totally down.  Obvs.

My friend Ben has been after ramps for weeks now.  Are you aware of this east coast obsession?  Sadly I am because I'm a food nerd like that.  Hmm, how to describe them...  They're really kind of a more mild and garlic-y shallot.  But with leaves too.  Ok, just figure it's an awesome cross between onion and garlic and, just like the arrival of asparagus each spring, their presence is celebrated!  So on Monday at work, he told me he finally found some at his farmers market, and that we should totally make ramp pizza.  Duh, I was so down.  He put me in charge of dessert, because it's really what I always hope you'll ask me to bring to your party.  Don't give me salad, I really want to bake you something!

I found this recipe online, and the blogger talked all about how his grandmother used to make it all the time.  He even showed the recipe index card with her tiny cursive on it.  He said that one of the steps was to serve warm with ice cream, and that there was no other option, you had to do it!  After having this pie, I understand why.  It truly tastes like hot fudge.  I wish I could get the right words for hot fudge, but just, I swear, it's just like it.  So while this pie tastes delicious on its own, you honestly do need ice cream for this to be as amazing as it can be.

It's also super simple to make.  So let's get started!
-1 stick of butter
-1.5 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate
-1 cup sugar
-2 eggs, beaten
-1 teaspoon vanilla extract
-1/4 cup flour
-2 tablespoons milk

I kind of love short ingredient lists.
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Butter an eight-inch diameter pie plate or cake pan – use a glass or ceramic, if possible (I only have metal)– or use cooking spray.  Or use a nifty trick where you use the wrapper from the stick of butter :-)
  3. Melt butter and chocolate (either using a double boiler, a microwave at 30 second intervals, or over very very low heat on your stove).  Set aside to cool.
  4. Mix sugar into beaten eggs, combine until sugar is fully incorporated.
  5. Mix in butter-chocolate mixture until completely blended.
  6. Add vanilla and milk.  Stir well.
  7. Fold in flour, mixing just until no white streaks remain – do not over-mix.
  8. Bake for 25 minutes.  It won't look super set, and you're going to be scared to cut into it for fear that it will just ooze everywhere.  But everything is going to work out, I promise.
I prepared the hot fudge pie up to this point, then covered it in foil, stuck a pint of ice cream into a cooler, and drove over to Ben's with both. 

We (I cut up some mozzarella, but it was really all him) made ramp pizza, which was killer.
Oh you wanted a picture of the whole thing?  Umm, too late, this was what was left after we attacked it.  But Smitten Kitchen had a ramp pizza that was pretty similar to what we did, so if you're interested, make her version!  Our main difference was Ben added two eggs on top in the last couple minutes of cooking.  It was a welcome addition :-)

While we devoured pizza, I changed the oven temp and cooked the hot fudge pie.  I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't even that hungry after the amazing pizza, but come on, I was totally having some of this!
It looks like a brownie- flaky top and gooey middle.
 This poor little slice looks so naked without ice cream on it!
Oh that's much better.
We totally devoured this.  The ice cream is necessary.  No way around it.  And next time I'll get my act together and make the vanilla bean ice cream myself too.  But the hot fudgeyness of this is just so good!  It's somehow not too sweet, but you feel oh so satisfied after this dessert.  It was a fantastic dinner.  Ramp pizza was delish, and hot fudge pie was a win.  

So seriously, why would you try to tell me to bring something healthy to your party?  Tell me to bring dessert.  I promise I'll think up something good :-)

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