Oatmeal Cinnamon Chip Cookies

I made muffins last week.  One of those long recipes with flaxseed, oats, whole wheat flour, regular flour, bananas, applesauce, raisins, walnuts... the ingredients list went on and on.  But they seemed so hearty and healthy that I was excited to try them!  Despite their promise, and the fact that I have made other successful recipes from the blog I found them on, they were not awesome.  Like, I ate one warm out of the oven and it was not awesome.  If a muffin is not amazing fresh out of the oven, I don't think anything can save it.  Maybe it was just my taste buds, maybe I just wasn't into it.  I contemplated bringing them into work just so that I wouldn't waste all of the time and ingredients.  But it seemed so mean to bring in muffins that I didn't enjoy.  So after sitting on my counter for 2 days, into the trash they went.  I hope some raccoons found them and liked them more than me!

Needless to say, all of the pictures I took throughout the process will not be posted here.  So that kind of changed my posting plans a little.  And after all the effort of those muffins (and the subsequent fail), I made some tried and true recipes the rest of the week, so my blog was pretty boring.  Also I've had some things going on that have been making me preoccupied.  But then Mother's Day happened, and I have some fun pictures again!
Sometimes, there's no joy in the world as pure as having your entire dining table covered in cookies fresh out of the oven...  Just try to tell me not to eat one of those melty things, see what happens.  (PS- Find the recipe here.  I made 1.5 times the recipe so that I could use up my whole bag of cinnamon chips but also have some cookies that incorporated chocolate chips.)
Becky and I weren't able to join my parents, Matt, and their friend Jim at the River this weekend (she was co-hosting a fiesta at her place, and I was attending!), so when they got back into town later on Sunday, we had Mother's Day Brunch for dinner.
Kind of not the definition of brunch, but we know Mom loves breakfast foods, in particular maple syrup, so we planned an omelet bar with bowls of cut-up veggies to add to your eggs, (turkey) bacon, french toast, and blueberry muffins.  And then I got crazy and decided cookies were needed (sans-chocolate and chocolate options abound), and we all filled up on cookies then didn't feel like adding french toast to dinner.  There goes the maple syrup plan.
I haven't had elaborate breakfast-for-dinner in a long time and omg I can't even begin...  I devoured bacon, and it's so annoying to involve so many veggies when you're just making simple eggs and you're just one person eating them, so I loved having all the veggie choices!  And muffins are another difficult single person food- wait, can you freeze muffins with success?  I successfully freeze cookies so that I don't eat 12 a day just to keep them from going bad (who am I kidding, I still eat 12 a day).  Anyways, I was in heaven, and I was glad that Becky and I were able to take over the kitchen for a bit for Mom!
Also flowers were involved.  Beautiful peonies that opened practically while we watched!  How can there be Mother's Day brunch without flowers involved.
We had a great time hanging out, and then afterwards, Mom mentioned she had been trying to find pictures of all of us as young'ns at the River, and she couldn't find all of us.  So Becky and I ran upstairs to our old bedrooms and found our photo albums buried in closets and enjoyed going through those ridiculous pictures for an hour after we meant to be back on the road to our respective places.  It was very fun and it makes me very happy that I've become the family photographer so that we'll have great pictures of Cole and all of us, and hopefully I can document all of the new baby's milestones too :-)  So excited!  Patti is due right after my birthday, but I'm secretly hoping we end up sharing a birthday.  I'm sure Patti wouldn't mind going a couple days early!  And the gender is still a surprise, so there are a couple fun things to learn about this new little one!
Anyways, Happy Mother's Day and make these cookies! 

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