A Nephew in NYC

Saturday morning, pre-Amazing Race, the girls got to hang out with Cole.  Patti, Becky and I walked to Central Park and wandered around a bit until Mom met up with us!  Cole got to spend a nice weekend with a lot of family together, and it's his last few days of being an only child.  I hope he had a great time with us! 
Aunt Becky is the best and is definitely the first to jump up and chase after Cole when he makes a break for it.
Tiny little Patti and her basketball.
 Becky and Cole played with the ducks.
Cole loaded his dump truck with mulch and we couldn't get him away from here for awhile.
Mom/ Emmie happy to watch us all playing.
Cole found this branch and wanted it to be back in the trees.  Becky wanted to be a tree.
Cole decided to sit down on the one bit of not grass in miles.  This was smart, he stayed dry off the wet grass.
We finally got to the playground!  Again Aunt Becky was right there in the action, keeping an eye on Cole.  ...And totally playing in the sand :-)
I kind of wanted to play in that jungle gym thing...
Cole was totally happy playing in the sand!
Until this hero showed up and turned on the water fountains...
And then Cole wanted out and wanted to be in that water like now.
Luckily it was time for Cole's "soccer practice".  Some parents had gotten together and decided that rather than paying a ridiculous amount of money for their kids to be on a soccer team but not actually be interested in playing soccer half the time, they could totally do that on their own!
The parents rotate bringing the food and coffee.  If this is what soccer practice is all about, I'm totally down.  Just look at Cole demolishing that croissant!  (Insert Kanye lyric here)
The kids somewhat gathered for soccer, with many many runners and cyclists in the background of Central Park!
Becky and I then went off to get changed into our neon yellow shirts for the Amazing Race, and met up with Mom, Patti and Cole much later.  The next morning, before Father's Day Brunch all together, Cole was being dressed by Patti and he gave me quite a range of modeling poses and facial expressions.  Way to show range Cole.
I am beyond excited to meet the new niece or nephew soon!  I love watching Cole learn more and more each day and develop a personality all his own.  I can't wait to see what the new little one will be like!

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