Ashley + Andy 4ever

Ashley Stanton and Andrew Demarest got married on June 29 in one of the cutest, sweetest, funnest celebrations of love.
Ashley has been Becky's friend for like, forever.  She also comes from a swimming family and we all kind of grew up at the pool together.  (Did I mention that she met Andy on the swim team in college? j'adore)  She has been at every birthday party I can remember, and was even in charge of the kids table at our older sisters wedding.  (This was two part- she is fantastic with kids, but also it was an excuse to totally get her to the party!)  After awhile we just started calling her sister, and she was part adopted into our family.  So when she announced her engagement to Andy we were all just as excited for her as we could be!  Becky was to be a bridesmaid, and she was sweet enough to have me and my parents along for the celebration!
There were a few tears (of happiness) during the ceremony, but it was such a sweet ceremony between the two of them.  And Nicole, Ashley's older sister, is due in like, a couple days, so everyone was very excited that she was able to be there and their whole family could celebrate with Ashley!  Now the baby can come any second, I'm sure Nicole would be grateful :-)
We wished the happy couple well with bubbles, and then we all headed to the reception where we could drink while the wedding party and families took pictures at the church!
Did I mention they were both swimmers?  The table "numbers" were swimming events.  Brilliant.
Bride and Groom showed up to take pictures outside at the reception!  It was beautiful out, and the greenery surrounding the lakefront was a perfect backdrop for pictures :-)  And look at Andy, being super sweet and helping Ash with her dress!
While they took pictures, and while Becky was free-ish from her bridesmaid duties, I took advantage of the light, greenery, and bouquet prop as well.  Enjoy this montage!  PS- Becky is fantastic at knowing where the camera is and giving me some great photo ops!
Even their napkins were adorably swimming themed!
We headed inside when the official reception would begin!  I found my table (100 freestyle!) and there was a picture of Becky and Ashley after a winning relay during the summer!
And then we watched the bridesmaids and groomsmen dance in, and then Ashley and Andy, and then their first dance together :-)
Ashley's dad (who I swim with in the mornings on my masters team, haha) gave a hilarious toast to the couple!
Then more pictures of Becky posing for my camera (she's going to hate some of these pictures, haha, but I think they're funny!)
Can you tell I was at the bridesmaids table??  We had a lot of bouquets here, it was gorgeous!
And Becky wore a bracelet from our Grandma, which I thought was a gorgeous addition to her ensemble :-)
Also the bridesmaids were given bright yellow sunglasses, there were plenty of photo ops with those...
Then Daddy-Daughter dance, and later a dance for all of the married couples and the last ones standing were the ones married the longest.  Mom and Dad lasted very long though!  40 years is a long time :-)
There was a LOT of dancing.  Like a lot a lot.  I was so sweaty.  And so happy.  The DJ was fantastic.  Knowing how to successfully mix in Billie Jean with Yeah with Shots! with Ice Ice Baby with...  It was just so fun and I only sat down like for 2 songs because I just couldn't dance for 3 hours straight.  Though I tried really hard.  (These pics are from the bouquet and garter toss, I was dancing too much to take pictures otherwise)
If you can't tell, swimmers are really into dancing.  And since Ashley and Andy met on swim team, there were a LOT of swimmers.  Breakin it down.
These girls didn't even stop dancing during these pictures, you should see the series of them bouncing up and down as I snap away, haha- these were the least blurry!
Oh, and Ashley knows the dance to the Call on Me video- we got a bit of a preview from the swimmer girls here.  Omg I love that video, hahahahaha
Table 100 Free, you were amazing!
I loved meeting so many of Ashley's friends from college, and just seeing how fun all of their friends and family are.  It was actually kind of weird to see someone sitting down during all this music (you know my mom was gettin down), and I had the best time.  Most everyone headed out after the reception officially "ended" at 11pm, but after an early train back from NYC (and super delay from a broken-down train on the tracks ahead of us), I was ready to sit. down.  Hahaha

Ashley and Andy- many years of happiness to you both, I can't wait to see you again and have a wonderful time on your honeymoon!!

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