Going MIA

Most everyone is off for the 4th of July, and I must say, when Matt, Beth, Dan and I made these plans to visit Marcus in the Philippines, I kind of spaced that we would be leaving the day after the holiday.  Matt and Beth were already going to be in SanFran for a wedding, so Dan and I were meeting them there, and we'll all be on the same flights to Tokyo then Manilla.  If I had remembered, I would have just booked a flight for today and taken advantage of the extra day off work, but this has ended up working out perfectly.  I have a day to do laundry, pack, and run the errands I need to pre-vacay.
It's been very relaxing!  I finished up my hectic work week (was it really only 3 days I was there?!) and got to decompress a bit yesterday before getting everything in order today.  My nails are painted and adorable for some beach time.
My random piles of clothes started to make more sense as I went, and I think I have everything I could need for a week+ on the other side of the world (this isn't all of it, haha)
So I won't be blogging from there, but feel free to follow along on instagram!  I will hopefully have some sort of access to wifi and the ability to show off a few pics each day :-)

Don't you worry, there will be a gazillion pictures taken, and I will post all about my trip when I get back.  Laters baby!

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