Philippines- Day 3, Daluyon Resort in Sabang

Guys.  I'm going to try really hard not to say too much during this post. But no promises.  Let's be real.
We woke up at Marcus and Ami's.  A beautiful view off their deck awaited us :-)

I had a simple breakfast of toast with butter and jam, and fruit.  Except I had never had this kind of jam before, so I took a picture so I'd remember the name.  Santol jam?  And the other jam I used was wild blackberry (not very sweet, which was delicious).  Also cut up apple and mango.  O. M. Freakin. G.  This mango was so perfectly ripe and delicious and sweet and...right, I said I was going to talk less.  Mango = perfection.
We piled into a van- Marcus, Beth, Dan, Matt, Ami and I (Luke and Iya are hidden) and headed north towards Sabang.  The underground river is there, and one of Marcus and Ami's favorite places to stay.  They once again took control and booked these rooms in advance (also booking our Underground River tour, but that's tomorrow) and generally always made things super easy for us.  It's always fantastic to visit people for your vacation, because they totally know what's worth it, what's boring, the local spots, the best food to order...and of course the language!
 We winded all around the roads on the island.  Going up and down hills...
 ...passing a lot of construction that took us down to one lane roads.  I was never really scared, but I was always watching the road, haha.
We arrived at Daluyon Resort about 1.5 hours later!  Lots of singing and dancing on the ride over (thanks Dan!).  And there was an adorable sign welcoming us!  As you can see, they had a full house...haha.  Thank you off-season!!
 Our place was this closest building you can see- we were the first floor.
Luke and Marcus chillin while everyone gets checked in.
During lunch, Matt and Beth went to the room to change into suits...and came back in matching robes from the room.  Obvs.
Lunch.  I had some potato wedges, grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Note:  I think everyone ordered this grilled cheese at some point while we were here for a couple days- it was sooo melty, had a few onions in there that at first surprised me, but then totally made sense, and the bread was super crispy.  And that pizza there?  Mango and cream cheese.  Beth got it and it was surprisingly not as sweet as I thought it would be!  It was delish.
And then.  It was time for the beach.  We walked, hmm, maybe 100 yards past our room to the beach.  If that?  This is when I lose the ability to say much, and I can let the pictures do the talking.  It was beautiful.  The water went on to the horizon, and then some.  The clouds were amazing.  Watching the sunset was killer.  I tried so hard to pick only a few pictures to show you, but come on, when have I ever been good at that?  So without further ado, here are some amazing pictures to entice sighs and "I want to go to there!"s from you.
Maybe I should mention one thing.  Mom and Dad got me a waterproof case for my iphone!  I looooved having it.  We listened to music (underwater too!) out in the sea, and I wasn't worried about my phone when taking pictures!
 Beth's footprints in the sand.  There were so few people there with us.
Matt ordered Beth and I these bright blue drinks.  Dangerously delicious :-)  Thanks Matt!
Clouds over the peaks

Another gecko!  I didn't take many pictures of them, they just scurried up and down the walls all the time.  It was quite cute.
And my dinner for the evening was beef skewers with rice and a veggie spring roll.  Delish!
And no one else will really understand this if you weren't there.  But here is the proof that Dan never really understood the rules of the game we were playing.  There were 2 spies, and 3 government officials...except Dan went rogue and became a secret spy.  So me and Marcus (the spies!) won the game!  We decided when we overturned the government, we would spare Dan, so mission accomplished Dan.  Mission accomplished.

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