Philippines- Day 4, Sabang and Underground River

Omg, so much happened on this day.  This is going to be so long, I'm sorry, but I swear it will be awesome.  You won't be disappointed!
We started our tour at 8:30 for the Underground River.  The four of us met in the lobby of the resort with a guide, and 4 other people we would be touring with- a family from Hong Kong who were very nice :-)  We then walked along the water to the wharf area to get our boat!  Every boat we got on during the trip was in this style- motored, but small and covered.
En route to the underground river!
Along the way our guide pointed out a sea turtle swimming along!  But it was a little too far away for a good picture, ah well.
While our guide was giving all of our information to some people there (you need permits to go into this thing), we got to see monkeys and a lizard pretty much the size of me.
If you'll notice, this monkey mom was pulling the tail of her little one who was trying to climb the small plant behind them.  She was so totally over it, and I was like omg, monkey mom, you're awesome.
We have life vests on again, typical.

That is the underground river.  Yes, it's kind of a cave, but like, a river too.  So while we waited for our turn to grab a boat, we wandered.
We're on our way!
It was pretty dark in there.  The mom from the family in our group was given the task of holding the spotlight, since she was sitting in the front of our boat.  She was really good at it considering she was just going off of the guy steering us in the back of the boat going "Left...higher...higher...good!" each time he wanted to highlight something along the way.

We saw a ton of bats.
And not many of my pictures turned out great from in here (umm, it was underground and super dark), but this was one feature that the guide described as Mufasa!  A roaring lion!  See the shadow?
And now we're on our way back out!  We're allowed to go 1.5k into the cave, despite it being I think like 7k long under this mountain.  But you need expertise and way more permits to be allowed to do that.
Those birds were flying all around us in the cave.
On the way back, we did a zipline over the water for a really long run, it was super fun!  And Beth was kind of nervous but totally loved it!  My phone had like 3% battery at this point, so Matt got a lot of pictures of us on the zipline and smiling as we came in at the end :-)
We had to walk back and take an awesome little raft and a guy pulled us across the water.  It was pretty adorable.  Then we walked back a bit before getting back to our resort!
Right as we got back, the sky opened up, and it was time for an afternoon shower!
It stayed wet outside for a bit, haha, but we were used to humidity at this point.  Beth, Dan and I read on our porch while Matt went for a run.  We had a terrible view during the rain.  Life is hard.
When Matt was back, we grabbed some lunch.  With our tour, we got a 3-course lunch included, so I had squash soup, which was the best.  I think I got it at every meal forward.
And veggie pasta.
Dan got ribs I think??  And his looked delicious!
And then coconut panna cotta.  It wasn't really my thing (I don't like that texture), but it wasn't terrible, haha.
The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool and the beach, alternatively.  We met back up with Marcus and Luke at the pool, and Luke loved playing with Dan :-)
It kept raining off and on, but not the downpour of before.
I migrated to the beach and read in the hammock for a bit.
And we slowly watched the sun get lower.
Happy hour?  Yes please!  Beth brought out our drinks and we enjoyed them while out in the water, enjoying the sunset again :-)
And for dinner again... I told you, I loved that squash soup.  It was sooooo good!
Matt ordered Dan a drink involving a flaming shot.  Which then turned the entire drink blue, haha.
Matt got a blue drink with ice cream on top, and Beth got I think their Daluyon special drink, which looked amazingly tropical.
Also we made sure to order dessert this time around.  Beth got a caramel candy bar thing.  I got the flourless chocolate cake with ice cream.
Was it worth the read?  And all the pictures?  Do you hate me for being there?  A little.  I'm still kind of pinching myself, wondering if I really was on the other side of the world in paradise for a week.  These sunset pictures are just unreal, right?!

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