Philippines- Day 5, Waterfalls and Fireflies

Another amazingly packed day.  Today we would leave Sabang, and our amazing resort, and return to Marcus and Ami's home around noon.  Matt had taken our Underground River tour guide's advice from the day before, and kept walking past the wharf to find a beautiful waterfall.  He wanted to take us there today, before check-out, then we would all get lunch, then head home to relax before our firefly tour.  Firefly tour?!  Firefly tour.
The ones with kids woke up before us, and while we ate breakfast (or waited for our food to come), Marcus and Luke fed some fish.
I had the same thing yesterday, but didn't manage to get a good picture of it, so you're seeing it today!  There was a beautiful bowl of fruit to start.
Followed by a huge basket of bread and two eggs any style you wanted.  That darkest roll was super sweet and all the bread was warm when you got it.
I discovered the amazingness that is mango jam.  How has my life been complete up until now?  I will try to find mango jam asap.  Wegman's, don't let me down.
Ami and Iya girl :-)  Those blue eyes are so beautiful!
And look.  Luke is starting to warm up to me!  He actually gave me a smile!  Gah, I love it!
Marcus and the kids.
After this hearty breakfast, we're ready for our hike.  If only Luke could figure out how to sit on Dan's shoulders...
Oh PS- If you're interested in what Filipino money looks like.  Roughly $1 = 40 PHP (It fluctuated between 41-43 while we were there)
So Marcus and Luke got a head start on the waterfall hike.  We would catch up pretty quickly, and Luke from then on was carried- mostly by Marcus...who was wearing flip flops.  You'll see why that was difficult in a couple pictures...
We made it to the wharf from yesterday!  Now to just keep going for awhile :-)
We continued along the coastline, but now it was super rocky and difficult to move forward very fast.  The rocks were loose and (especially those of us prone to ankle injuries...ahem, both McLaughlins) we had to be careful where we stepped.
But finding the waterfall made it all worth it!  The water spilled into this pool until it trickled down a little further into the Sea, and I decided I would hang out in that little pool for a bit!
I don't know how Marcus made it over those rocks, carrying Luke, in sandals.
Cooling off in part of the waterfall!
The pool I would spend a lot of time in.
The guys stood under the waterfall!
And Lukie got super worried while his dad was away, poor kid.
The pool I loved!
Then we cut it pretty close, and needed to get back quickly!  So Beth and I went on ahead so we could shower and pack in the first group.  But I saw this hammock along the way and had to document it.
We packed and showered and had one last meal at Daluyon Resort, yum!  I got squash soup again.  This sounds ridiculous, but I swear it was just so goooood.  Lukie and Matt both got coconut water in the shell.
And once again Luke gave me a smile :-)
Marcus also told him to pose, and I got this.  There are no words for the amazingness of Lukie and this pose.
And it was good timing that we were leaving now.  See that storm brewing up there?
On the ride back, everyone but Ami and I slept (she's currently leaning back also taking a picture of the sleepers).
And we got back before it really stormed at their house, but the sky opened up when we were there and I loved watching and listening to the afternoon thundershower :-)
Dinner that night was fried plantains, and an egg curry (their amazing amazing cook was fully prepared for the vegetarians in the group and we all ate very well!).  This curry had potatoes, carrots and tomatoes and was eaten over rice.
She also made a spinach mixture that was more traditionally Filipino- I wish I knew exactly what was in it to describe it to you!  But again delicious!
PS- Matt lined up a lot of Luke's toys on Dan's bunk.
The rain stopped, and our evening plans to go on a firefly tour were on!

We went outside to pile in the car, and saw a sky full of bats.  Yep, look closely, those are huge bats.  Apparently, every evening they leave Bat Island (this is all true, I swear) and fly around eating a ton of bugs, before returning later in the evening.  So we had a beautiful sunset and a sky full of bats.  They really looked like huge flocks of birds, it was cray.
We got to the firefly tour, and hung out here, where we would line up and wait for our group to be called.
There was only room for 3 people per boat, and my boat was composed of me, Beth, and Matt!
Now for one of the coolest things we saw, with the hardest ability to photograph it.  It was super dark, we were moving in a boat, and I was trying to photograph this?  Hmm...  Lemme describe everything, then you can see a little bit in the photographs to back up my claims, haha.

So we got in our boat, and floated along in the dark for a bit.  We came upon this one tree eventually that was covered in fireflies.  Like, it looked like they had wrapped one tree in Christmas lights, and left the others bare.  I was starting to wonder if this was a hoax, when I saw fireflies flitting around the branches and glowing at different times.  Our guide explained that fireflies like to hang out in flowering trees, and not all of the trees along this river fit that description.  I was in awe. 

Blurry (they all will be), but you can see what I mean about only the center tree in this picture had lightning bugs in it.
Our guide knew so much.  He taught us pretty much everything you can learn about lightning bugs.  He also carried this tiny red LED flashlight, and strategically shined the light up to the tree and down to the water, so that from the tree it was flashing in a pattern.  He would do that once or twice, then count 1-2-3 and on 3 all of the fireflies would light up at the same time.  They respond to the light pattern, and all of the boat guides had figured out the exact timing for when they have all picked up the pattern.  It was crazy watching them all light up and fade at once.
We went down one side of the river, then turned around and went back down the other, seeing new trees of fireflies the whole time.  It was super dark, and it was so fun seeing the firefly trees emerge from the darkness, and suddenly they were so bright next to you, you wondered how you couldn't see that from way further away.
I've never done anything like it, it was so ridiculously cool.
I know, those were terrible pictures.  But clearly I couldn't keep the camera in one place while moving forward and bobbing up and down sitting in a boat.  But I tried, hahaha.  Just know that if you're ever in Palawan, you really have to go and see it for yourself!  Please!
We got home and had dessert- banoffee pie!  I bet you've heard of it, even if you've never had it.  It's an English dessert that really hasn't caught on in the US.  There's a graham or cookie base, bananas and toffee with whipped cream or a custard-ish filling holding it all together.  And sometimes chocolate (ours had cocoa powder on top!).  I'm definitely going to try out some recipes here and see if I can convert some friends to being into this dessert.

Whew.  Another packed day of amazingness in the Philippines.  Once again, thank you Marcus and Ami for helping us plan all of this and coming along too!

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