Philippines- Day 6, Nagtaban Beach

We had a lot less on our agenda today.  Matt woke up and went for a run, the rest of us lounged around, and then Marcus picked us up to take us to a Roots of Health class.  With three teachers in our group (everyone but me), they were super interested in seeing the schools, classrooms, kids, sample classes, and what Roots of Health really does around The Philippines.  They are a women's health organization that do a ton of things to support the community- we were seeing a high school sex ed class.  Maybe 10% of it was in English, but we got the gist of it, haha.  It was very hot (no AC in these open-air classrooms), and we didn't stay the whole time (we were also distracting the students by standing in the back of their class).  But we loved seeing what Marcus and Ami do and how they're really involved there!

We headed to a mud house that Marcus built (truth) and changed into our swim suits and toured around the farm a tad.
Marcus dropped us off with RJ, who would be driving us to Nagtaban Beach- a secluded beach they love to go to.  There are some huts you can rent out to sit at for the day, so we had been packed a (vegetarian) lunch to take along with us! 
Pasta with a ton of veggies and cheese on top. 
We each devoured some, then just hung out on the beach for a couple hours.  We got in the water, checked out the boats, read, listened to music, and just enjoyed the beach for the day.  We had been told to leave by 5 to get home in time for a regular time dinner, so we had the afternoon to do with as we pleased!
 I met a little hermit crab, Hermy (gender unknown), and he/she had really been movin.  See the trail?
We left the beach, after a nice relaxing afternoon.  We showered and were ready to go out for dinner.  I took pictures of the sunset from their deck and front porch.
 And once again, the sky filled with bats.
Also Dan photobombing me :-)
What, you don't believe they're bats?  How about this picture to prove it.  If those aren't bat silhouettes, I don't know what they are...
We went to a place called The Gypsy's Lair for dinner.  I did the absolute worst at taking pictures here, and it was some of my favorite food!  Argh.  We had nachos with salsa verde on top for an appetizer.  But it was like, a fried crispy flat tortilla, cut up like a pizza, with diced jalapenos and tomatillos on top, and maybe just a tiny bit of lime juice, and this creamy delicious shredded cheese sprinkled on top.  You grabbed a nacho like a pizza slice, and then heaven.  And then I ordered the chicken fajitas, expecting, you know, chicken fajitas.  But a wrap showed up at my plate, and it had all the chicken fajita stuff in the wrap already (pretty much a burrito made out of chicken fajitas), and that delicious cheese again.  Ami got this dish, which she said was kind of similar to pad thai.  And everything was like $2-$5.  It was crazy good, but crazy inexpensive.  Amazing!
For dessert, we headed to Heavenly Desserts- a bakery owned by some of their friends.
See the purple ube cheesecake and cake?
I got tiramisu.
Beth got ube cake.
Dan got some sort of death by chocolate looking cake.
Marcus and Ami I think split one of those.  And I thought I got a picture of what Matt ordered, but I think it was something chocolate too :-)  It was all delicious, and I was so full after all of this good dinner, I was so ready to pass out as soon as we got home.  The traveling was finally catching up with me, and I think I did pass out immediately once we got home, haha.  It was a relaxing day, full of a ton of good food- per usual.  I can't wait to show you what we did tomorrow!  Island hopping in Honda Bay!

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