Philippines- Day 8/9, Back to Manila, then the US

It was our last morning in Palawan.  Marcus took us shopping in the morning so that we could pick up some things for loved ones!  I picked up some chocolate covered mango to bring into the office (thank you everyone who covered for me while I was away!).
We had an amazing lunch of leftovers from the Italian dinner the night before, another curry and rice dish, and salad in cucumber boats.
Everything was so delicious the whole trip!  We slowly packed (trying to pretend it wasn't for real that we had to leave), and then got to watch one more downpour from their place.
Marcus took us to an awesome weaving place on our way to the airport (I got some bright blue woven placements!  I bet you'll see them in posts to come!) and Matt and Beth picked up a journal with a woven cover, and a little basket before we left (sorry, no pictures, we had like 5 minutes in there!).
Marcus dropped us off at the airport, and we headed to Manila for a quick overnight stay before a 9:30am flight in the morning to Japan.
Ciao, Palawan.  Hope to see you again soon!
Our hotel in Manila had a touchscreen elevator.  I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of fun, haha.
Then an enjoyable breakfast before the airport (croissant, blackberry pastry, pineapple, egg and rice).
We were misinformed this time around, and our fear of going to the wrong terminal happened.  We were luckily stopped at the door and had to show a boarding pass or itinerary and the guard told us ANA airlines flew out of a different terminal.  We flagged down another taxi (after just exiting one...) and had him quickly take us to the correct terminal.  It's very confusing to have 3 terminals not very close to each other...  But we made it!

Dan and I had a bit of a scare when we weren't issued tickets at first, and had been told we had to go to the gate to wait for them to be issued.  I don't really know what the situation was there, but luckily all was well and we were issued boarding passes.  Time to fly!  Wait, sad face.
We took off kind of late, and then I think that caused us to lose our landing time in Tokyo, because we had to circle there before landing.  Which had us landing at 3:20pm, when my flight to DC was boarding at 3:05, and taking off at 3:55.  AHHH!  Cue freak out.  The flight attendant tried to be helpful and told me to contact ground support when we got to a gate, but she didn't entirely know how I should do that.  Then she told me there would be people waiting at the gate for those of us with quick connecting flights, but we didn't get a gate (again, late take off and landing...) and had a bus waiting for us to shuttle to the terminal.  I was freaking out and as soon as we could, ran to the front of the plane, but then just sat on the bus waiting for it to fill up before we went to the terminal.  Luckily while there, we finally saw the ground support peeps, who kept pointing me in directions, grabbed me, put some yellow ribbon around my purse, and ushered me into the "staff and crew" security lines.  That finally helped, and running through the airport to my gate (so cliche, and kind of embarrassing), I finally got there around 3:40pm and they let me on.  I was so afraid of being stuck in Japan, missing work the next day, paying fees to try to get home sooner...etc.  But it all worked out!  Matt, Beth and Dan had an extra hour before their flight to NYC, so luckily they were fine.  I felt bad that I didn't get to give them a proper goodbye, since I was bouncing off the walls during the descent and the bus ride to the terminal, then was sprinting off ahead in security lines.  Sorry you guys!  It was such a fantastic trip and I can't believe we were on the other side of the world together!!  Ahhh!
I then got to see the sun kind of set and kind of rise, but weirdly enough, we departed Japan at 4:20pm on Sunday, and arrived to DC at 3:15pm Sunday.  I time traveled.  Weird!!
I then spent the whole next week at work battling jet lag and a weird summer fever.  I blame malaria.  (Not really, but I did go to the doctor to make sure it wasn't anything serious after all my travels!).  I think I'm finally feeling better, and acclimated to the time zone again.  Though I could always use more sleep :-)

I think I have offered you enough proof that you need to visit The Philippines for yourself!  Don't you think??

And another shout out to Marcus and Ami for being so hospitable, accommodating, and amazing for our week there.  You made traveling to the opposite side of the world easy, which is ridiculous.  Thank you thank you thank you!

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