River Weekend 2013

Guys.  I did terribly documenting this year.  Last year I was around for so much and grabbed my camera every chance I got!  But this year, I was sick.  I slept like, 12 hours the first night, and would have slept over 10 if it hadn't been time for the first shift of people to leave, and my camera was needed for the group picture.
Needless to say, I didn't take as many pictures of every event.  But please know, that these kids brought it.  They were up at all hours, and then ready for round two (and three and four and...) the next day.  The theme this year was Raising The I (raising the intensity), and they definitely raised the i in everything they did.
Matt and all of his friends descended once again!  And all of the immediate family was there too!  Parents, Patti, Ed, Cole, Wes, Me, and Becky.  It was crowded at the dinner table, but there was always someone to play with :-)
So without further ado, lemme recap some of the amazingly fun weekend!  The table decor for this evening's meal was planned by Steve.  Oh, and we all had our own cups for the weekend!  It prevented a lot of thrown away plastic cups each night!  Green.
I got to see more of Mr. Wes!  (Can't get enough?  Head on over to Patti's blog for a bit of my photography).  He just really likes to be held, so we did that all weekend!  Especially Emmie- when she wasn't chasing after Cole!
The next day, one part of the schedule for the day included a slip and slide!  Or, eslip y eslide, if you're speaking in Dan-Spanish.  Here are some fun shots from it!
Beth finally took her turn, and Matt raised the i...using pool noodles.
And then Dan really raised the i...
No, just kidding.  He didn't actually use a croquet mallet on people, that's ridiculous!

And while this was all going on, Wes slept in the shade...
...and Cole wished he was outside.
And guess who's related?  Me and Becky, with our matching books with our phones on top and water bottles beside.  Adorable.  (PS- everyone read Shantaram)
That evening, Joe and Jess (back from Germany and in the Northern Neck for the weekend!) invited us to the cottage for a bonfire!  So I went and got Becky from the end of the pier, who had been practicing horn.
We drove over to the cottage, and headed onto the pier for a little!
Then bonfire, baby!
Then Dan told a "ghost story", and Joe brought out some sparklers after! 
I once again passed out pretty early, and was woken up to Matt saying "we're going to take the group picture in 5 minutes...".  The only thing I could manage to say was, "really?" hahaha.  I knew I was gonna look rough, lol, so what can ya do!  We were all a little sleepy, and the sun was rather bright, but here we all are!!  Even Wes was wrapped in a Virginia shirt for the pic!
One car was headed back to NYC, the others were along for some of the trip and they were all going to George Washington's birthplace.  It's not great, you're not missing out, but Dan had really wanted to see it, and following the rules of raising the i, they all went.  Well except the family members...
And Wes slept a lot again.
Oh jeez, I look terrible.
And Wes smiles in his sleep now!  Gah!  Can't wait for him to smile in real life too!
Becky and Ed decided to tube before Becky and I headed back to our places that evening!
See?  I told you, I didn't capture everything.  I wasn't awake for everything!  But it was a great relaxing weekend for me, and I hope the others had a packed week/ weekend of raising the i.  We even taught Cole to say it, it was adorable.

Next year, I better not have malaria again.  Like for reals, haha

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