Sometimes tacos make everything better.  Right?  Right.  And the combination of things I decided my tacos needed ended up being amazing.  So get on it!
After a week of being sick and having noodles with broth, I was so ready for something that tasted good again!  I watched all this amazing food being made at the River Weekend, and I so so sadly didn't get to have most of it.  Ugh.  So when I got back and felt better again, I knew I wanted to make tacos!
I browned some skirt steak with just some salt and pepper on it and removed it to a cutting board to rest.  In the same pan, I then sauteed 1 cut up zucchini, 2 green peppers, and 1 onion on high heat so they stayed crispy and got some color but just softened a little.  I think I added salt, pepper, and some cayenne to this pan of veggies.
 I diced two avocados and one tomato, put some lime juice, salt and garlic powder in there.
Add some grated monterey jack cheese, and you got yourself some tacos goin!
 Ohhh it was delish.  I know you're so wishing you had this right now.

I can't wait to make this again.  The combination was awesome, and with all the fresh veggies it just tasted so good for summer!  Also it gave me delicious leftovers for forever, haha.

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