Williams Family Reunion

It's the annual Williams reunion up in Sunderland, Massachusetts!  You've seen this before.  Lots of family, lots of food, lots of fun.  The weather was beyond perfect, especially for a July weekend on the East Coast!
Before the actual reunion, we have a tradition of going to the Amherst Farmers Market.  Dad's cousin Lee (not on the Williams side, so not at the reunion) sells plants there, and we love to see him and catch up a bit!  Deb came along since she knew we would be stopping by, so we talked with her as well.

Oh, but first, we stopped by WalMart to (buy and) fill up a cooler with drinks for our immediate family for the reunion.  And we got a toy for Cole to occupy him.  In honor of New England, we bought him the Crushtacean truck.  Lobster!
 Ed, Patti, Lee, and Matt at Lee's stand at the Farmer's Market.
Dad, Mom, Cole, and Deb chatting.
Mom and Cole
Then I wandered around the Farmers Market like usual
Dad ended up getting some plants, even a day lily that had been grown at his grandparents house!

Want a fruit popsicle?
Wes gives the Farmers Market a thumbs up
We stopped in a liquor store to grab some beers for the cooler as well.
What could possibly go wrong with a toddler in a liquor store?  I thought this was a funny picture with Cole in front of the confiscated fake IDs.
Cole really loves to ask, "Cole drive?" and then hit every button, move every lever, and honk the horn ("Cole beep?").  This happened for a little while we loaded plants in the back of the car, and beer into the cooler.
From the Farmers Market, we headed straight to the reunion!  Here is Cole sulking, and Ed not really caring that much (in a loving fatherly way).
Patti and Wes.
Then a bunch of relatives catching up!  We just wander around, sit down wherever, talk to whoever we're near, play volleyball, eat a lot, see some cows...
Oliver, Christina, and their twins!
Cowbell says it's time to eat!
Two huge coolers full of freshly picked corn.
Is there anything better?!
I was mostly here for the corn.
As someone with a camera who documents way too much, I was asked to be one of the few cameras to document the whole fam!  We started out taking a picture of just Generation 9 with Generation 12.  We count William Williams, who came to the New World in 1662, as Generation 1.  Grandpa didn't make it to the reunion this year, otherwise he would be in this picture.  But Cole and Wes are part of Generation 12!  Please note Cole being totally disinterested in this happening around him...
Wes, being the newest member of the family, was allowed to be held by Ed in the picture, which Ed wasn't as happy about...
...so he proceeded to hide in plain sight, hahahaha
This is the best picture I have with all of Generation 9 and 12 (and some of 10 and 11) who were present this year!
Then it was time for generations 9 through 12!
I think we did pretty well :-)  Go Williams!
We then continued on with our visiting, eating, and playing volleyball as before :-)  And if you're Cole, dumping water on yourself then laughing hysterically!
And I always go inside to check out the family tree, as written in more recent years on a looooong scroll of paper.
Generation 11 (me!) is pretty filled up, but Generation 12 is just getting started :-)
Then after, most people head up the hill to the reunion after-party at Jimmy and Pats pool!  We always try to squeeze in a visit to Yankee Candle and Richardson's Candy Kitchen between the reunion and after-party, haha.  We stock up on candles, candies, and Williams Maple Syrup.  Eeeeessentials I tell you.
Adorably tiny maple syrup...
...and ridiculously large maple syrup!  Bigger than Wes, and definitely weighs more than him.
The Williams Farm Sugarhouse isn't open at this point (you can order syrup here!!!), but we still stopped for a quick picture!
Little baby Wes feets
After party!
And then Cole really wanted to play in the pool.  He started small, with the baby pool, then feet in the big pool, then all in.  He's totally related to us pool people :-)
Sorry Cole.  But those cargo pockets were really filling with water and dragging him down, hahaha
Once we were all somewhat dry again, we took a (present) McLaughlin cousin photo in front of the gorgeous sunset :-)
Only seeing most of the family once a year is not enough, but I'm so thankful we do have this tradition to look forward to every summer!  Makes me want to live in Massachusetts!

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