A Very Sheridan Shower

My cousin Jess is expecting a baby girl in mid-to-late October!  You may remember her from my Germany posts.  Well, her and Joe have moved back and live super close now!  I even got to watch their cats while they went on vacay for a week, I'm so in.

So, b t dubs, if you need a party planned, ask my mom.  She. Is. The. Cutest.  We had a small family shower, with me, Becky and Mom, and Aunt Ginny was in town from Oregon, and Aunt Trish was in town from West Virginia!  We all met at The Stanford Grill for dinner and debated over the menu for like half an hour before finally deciding because everything sounded delicious.  I've been there 4 times and gotten 4 different things, all amazing.  I think I have a new favorite restaurant!  This time I got fried green tomatoes on lightly dressed greens with crab meat on top, and the chicken tortilla soup.  I was trying to save room for the dessert back at the house (but look at how much food this is)!
So we rolled on up to the parents place.  Mom had decorated the entry all the way into the kitchen/dining/living room area with bears.
Adorable bears.  And "it's a girl" decor.
Purple, white, and pink M&Ms everywhere,  but especially in cookies.
Becky made chocolate covered strawberries.  I tried so hard not to eat all of these and steal them from everyone else...
Not to mention an amazingly beautiful cake.  My mom went to a local bakery and asked for "a baby shower cake that looks like a wedding cake".  I think she got exactly that!  Jess's nursery is shades of purple, can you tell?  :-)
Also there was a signature cocktail.  Like for reals.  A Kir Royale- made with blackberry liqueur, champagne, and a blackberry for good measure.  PS- My mom's nails match the party theme color.  Adorbs.
Becky and I toasting (I loved her ring and wanted it in a picture)
All of us toasting to family being together and Jess and Joe and their new little one :-)  (Don't worry, Jess was sticking strong to ice water)
Then we got into the dining room and saw this set up.  That "tablecloth" is Patti's old comforter that Mom made her.  More bears, cookie party favors, and purple nail polish party favors!
We visited a little in the dining room to feel less full for dessert.  And then Jess did the honors of cutting the cake.
And we discovered this was inside.  Oh. Wow.  Marbled cake with chocolate buttercream frosting between the layers, and the white buttercream on the outside.  It was fantastic.
Once we were officially stuffed full with Stanford Grill and desserts, there was some present opening.  Girlie baby stuff is just so cute, haha
And a couple of us chipped in to get their stroller!  As you can see, she was speechless.  We also put some German beer in there because once she's using the stroller, she can drink some of that :-)
We all had a fantastic time together and I'm so excited for a new Sheridan!  Thank you especially to Mom for putting on an excellent shower for us :-)  Congrats Jess and Joe!

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