Kayak much?

My recent posts have been skewed to the Eat side of this blog, and despite incorporating a lot of fruit into these desserts, I need to show a little bit of the other side too!
A little of the side that allows me to have several different kinds of dessert in my freezer at all times.

Becky, our parents, and I were all in VA to celebrate the long weekend.  I was a bit exhausted from work, and was looking forward for the extra day off to catch up on sleep, and just lounge around and read by the water.  The parents had suggested a few things to occupy our time, and Becky latched onto the suggestion to go antiquing because she needed a desk and dining room chairs.  I should have known, based on a few hours of antiquing tiring me out, that what we decided to do on Sunday was going to be exhausting.  Know what we decided?

To kayak to Maryland.  Where we are on the Potomac, this distance ends up being about 9 miles across, so 18 miles round trip. 

Becky and Dad were totally down.  Becky's favorite thing to do at the River is to kayak.  Mom and I were a bit more hesitant.  I enjoy kayaking, I do!  But I'd never used one of the wooden kayaks, I'd never gone more than a few miles, and I think the last time I kayaked was in April?  You see, usually I'm the one swimming next to someone kayaking.

I woke up on Sunday, and Becky said "Oh good!  Dad and I are getting ready to go, you in?"  I said I would eat breakfast and see.  Mom and I continued to debate this endeavor.  It's not a short trip.  If we stayed behind, it would be late afternoon before they were back, and it is just a lot of sitting around while others are getting a good workout in...and I hate that idea!  So I agreed to go, but didn't really think about the challenge ahead enough, haha.  I told Mom "Don't think about it, just come along!"  And she agreed as well.

We got all the wooden kayaks ready- two singles for Becky and I, and the double for Mom and Dad.  All made by Dad.  Like for reals, he made these kayaks.  My family is ridiculous.

Anyways, Mom packed us some PB&J sandwiches, apples, GORP, and waters.  We knew we would need some food when we got to MD!  And then we just kind of went.
My view for awhile
I struggled getting used to the wooden kayak at first- there were foot pedals to turn the rudder, and for some reason, I had some sort of mental block towards "Push the right pedal forward to go right.  Push the left pedal forward to go left."  Maybe I've relied on paddle strokes for so long, and if you want to go left, you paddle right, and vice versa...  But I just couldn't get it to stick in my brain.  (There was a scary moment when I almost crashed into the Lewisetta Marina Pier, but I gave up with the pedals and paddles and just pushed off to avoid collision, haha.  That should have told me to turn around already!)

I didn't remember to bring my waterproof case for my iPhone, but I had my phone tracking us using the MapMyRun app, sitting in a waterproof bag right in front of me.  So I kept hearing the MapMyRun lady going "Time- 15 minutes, 54 seconds. Distance- 1 mile. Pace- 15 minutes, 54 seconds" etc.  So each time we hit another mile, I would tell Becky, and she would look at me and go "Just one more."  Such a swimmer thing to say, lol.

So, just one more we went.  Until we were on the opposite shore!
We had some food and drank a lot of water.  We stretched our legs, and took some interesting pictures to document.
Becky was laughing so hard as she took this series, because she said it was so representative of our trip over.  Dad was sure we were headed to this one area of trees and kept pointing them out, but Mom was working the rudder, so she sometimes changed their course, and Becky and I would look over and they would be super far ahead and to some direction we were sure wasn't right.  They would let us catch up, we would all realign, and then the same thing, hahaha.  We were a spectacle.
Ok laters, Maryland!  We'll see you tomorrow when we head home, but thanks for letting us hang out for a little!
Then back to VA we went.  If there wasn't much to guide us on the way there (technically we had been trying to head to this Winery in MD, but realized without better navigation, it really wasn't going to happen), there was really very little to get us back to the correct town on the way back.  We randomly pointed to some pilings in the water about a mile out, marking fishing nets, and decided we'd correct course from there.  Well, we got there and were like, uhhh...  Then Becky was like, how about we just head to those white roofs there?  We didn't have a better idea, and decided houses were better than no houses, so we did that!
Like, you really can't see anything.  Just nondescript trees.  But it turned out, as we got closer and closer, Becky was right.  We were headed right for the marina, and our creek right behind it.  I don't know how she did it, and I didn't have the energy to keep going if she had turned out to be wrong, so thank goodness!
A sailboat on our way back.  We made it home, barely got the kayaks on land and just sat in the pool for a bit.  We didn't have the energy to do much else, haha.  I slept reeeaaallly well that night!

And there, I've done it!  I've kayaked to Maryland.  I don't really feel the need to do that again, so I'm glad our trip was beautiful and the weather was perfect and I made it!  Really puts swimming almost 53 hours and 110 miles into perspective huh...

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