Other Virginia Occurrences

I feel like the weekend was dominated by kayaking across the Potomac (it was), but we did other stuff too!

We watched the sun sink lower in the sky while we hung around outside.
 I was a paparazzi, hanging out in the grass while Becky played.
 There was a little bit of drinking while outdoors too
 Then after dinner, we took a sunset cruise around the creek!
There was a huge party at the Oyster House, and for once we saw it with their blue lights on!  A little bit stalking, a little bit in love with the blue lights and the pink sunset.
Oh Captain, my Captain!
Then we were impressed with the way the trees were casting shadows across the sky with the sun setting behind them.  Oh Summer, how are you technically over already??
Becky repainting something brighter for the place
Another evening has fallen- very cloudy and blue this time.
And a bit of antiquing to round out the weekend.  This antique shop is in the old movie theater, and the owner moved the old projectors downstairs to be part of the decoration.  So cool!
Praying mantis, shopping for a deal like the rest of us.
Blue on blue on blue on...
We had a really beautiful summer this year!  Not too many super hot days, lots of time at the River, lots of family hang out times...  Thanks for a great Summer 2013 :-)

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