A Day in the Mountains

My winning picture of the day.  No editing done on this baby.  Way to work it, Colorado.
So I wish I could play it cool, but I was nervous to go back to Colorado.  Shantel was getting married!!  I couldn't miss that!  But what if I ran into people I didn't want to run into.  What if that fear just ruined the weekend for me.  Cue freak out sesh for a hot minute.  Whitney to the rescue!  She offered to take care of me for the weekend!  She would take me up to the mountains where her family has a condo and we could go hiking and off-roading and just see some awesome Colorado-ness before the wedding on Sunday. 
So she picked me up from the airport Friday night and we drove straight west.  We encountered some snow on the way (falling and on the road side).  I woke up to these views and took a deep breath of no-air air and was kind of surprised to discover I had missed this.  I was still wary of having a break-down, sorry bout it, but I was pleasantly surprised to see I was familiar with everything, but was ok that it wasn't my home anymore.  That was a big deal actually, so thank you for the millionth time, Whit, for showing me such a great time!
Colorado is a state that needs very few words when you're looking at pictures of scenery.  So I'll do my best to keep the words short and the pictures long.  That doesn't make sense.  Even more reason to keep the "words short".  We grabbed some breakfast and headed past Breckenridge to go for a hike around some waterfalls.  I didn't realize I had done the hike before when she told me about it, haha, but it was beautiful and I had a way better camera this time around.  Whitney kind of loves my camera, so I have some fantastic pictures with me in them too!  Yessss
The aspens were in their beautiful fall glory and I was so excited to be there to capture it!
My shoes are my favorite colors of blue.  Trust me, I took several pictures featuring their colors.
A couple animal tracks in the snow!
 We loved playing with a longer exposure on the camera to capture the beauty of the waterfall!
We sunned ourselves on the rock like lizards.  Trust me when I say this went on for quite a bit haha
 Me sunning myself.
Totally how I sleep
A little self-timer action
We showered and headed over to Lake Dillion for a hot sec before going off-roading.  Spoiler alert: I was terrified during off-roading.  When it got dark I was more terrified.  But I can say I've gone!  And that I lived through it!  I think...
We chased the sun over the mountains, trying to end up on the other side at Keystone, but couldn't quite find the right roads/paths to take us there.
We didn't quite make it, but it was an adventure nonetheless. 

Didn't quite make it, as in, we couldn't make it up this hill.  We attempted many times- twice on each of those sets of tracks you can see on the right, and twice further to the left.  The Xterra just wasn't feelin it I suppose, haha.  I can't blame it, I was getting so nervous, hahaha.
It was a fantastic time up in the mountains.  I had so much fun with Whitney all day and I was excited for the wedding tomorrow!  Just wait till you see pictures of the day...

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