Fall Into Fall with the nephews

I'm pretty sure you know by now how adorable my family is.  Patti, Ed, Cole and Wes were going to be in town this past weekend, and Patti sent an evite around for a "Fall Into Fall" party Friday night.  There would be pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, costumes, dinner, dessert, drinks, and family!  It sounded perfect to me, and Patti specifically requested a camera there to document.  It's what I do!
I made pumpkin bread and an apple tart to contribute (more on that in a later post!), and just look at how adorable this table is!  Mom just knows the little extras to make things a party.
Also these things make it a party...

I loved getting to converse with Cole, whose vocabulary and ability to really convey exactly what he needs is amazing.  He told adorable stories and called attention to little things I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.  And Wes was a sweet little guy the whole weekend- happy to sleep in the background and be carried around while his brother commanded a lot of the attention.  Cole loved playing with his toys...
...and posing for my camera, haha.
Aunt Becky was ever-amazing, helping out wherever needed and holding kids or babies who needed it!
Once fed, Wes was a happy baby rolling around on the floor.  I loved making him smile :-)
And then costumes.  Ed managed to convince Cole he wanted to wear his costume, and we had him practice trick-or-treating.
He didn't really understand the concept and was bored with it all until Mom said he could have M&Ms (MM's!) if he said "trick-or-treat".  He liked that a lot.
He was very willing to practice this again :-)
A boy who really loves trains.
And M&Ms.
Wes hung out while Cole practiced.
So Patti quickly changed Wes into his costume!  He was to be called Dr. Van Leer for the rest of the evening, thankyouverymuch.
Patti got some good pictures of me and my new God son!  I am a cat for the occasion, cause why not.  Cole kept barking at me, and I would meow back, haha.  Wes doesn't look like he cares that I'm a cat.
The rest of the fam joined us on the porch.  Dad was a monkey.  It was terrifying but didn't bug Cole one bit.
Mom was a butterfly, Becky was a bird.
 I asked Patti to get a picture of me, Becky and Wes, but she was laughing so hard at what was happening behind us.  Observe.
 Who can compete with that?  For reals.
And a few pictures of the sisters!
I'm back to looking like the redhead of the family.  How does this keep happening?

Dad went to Lowe's or somewhere and bought 8 awesome pumpkins!  Patti, Mom and Dad had debated which pumpkin patch to go to, but they all closed kind of early and with a couple of us getting home after work, toddler naps to worry about, etc, they decided the "pumpkin patch" would be in our backyard.  Also Cole loved these binoculars.  It makes these pictures of "searching for pumpkins" even more adorable.
PS- Becky in her natural habitat.  Texting.
Anyways, pumpkin patch time!
He was so excited to find the pumpkins hidden around the yard!
And they were heavy for a little guy!
Cole found all 8 pumpkins!
And it is time to decorate.  Like woah. 
One-handed carving.  One-handed drinking.
Power tools to carve, obvs.  It made opening each pumpkin so much quicker!
I went with a simple dots design, so a drill was totally necessary.  This was fun!  I did feel like I was cheating though, haha.
Becky's awesome star pumpkin.  Ugh, she does this every year!  Shows us up with an awesome pumpkin!
My simple dots :-)
Mom and Wes by day.
Mom and Wes by night! 
Ed as a witch.
Joe and Jess had brought those hats for Ed and Patti.  They also brought a bag for Cole which included "c-a-n-d-y" so that if Patti and Ed didn't want him to have any, they could hide it quickly...some matchbox cars, and glowsticks.  This kid was in heaven!  I cannot wait for their daughter to be born because they are going to be the best parents!
We carved these, then stuffed ourselves with amazing dinner (maker's mark marinaded chicken, crock-pot potatoes, roasted acorn squash, corn, and a salad).

Joe and Jess finished up their pumpkins after dinner.  Joe clearly did the WV pumpkin seen below...
So left to right:
WVU- Joe
Smiley face with tooth- Dad
Stars- Becky
Smiley face sideways- Mom
Dots- Me
"The Inequality of the world as shown through math symbols"- Ed
Family Pumpkin- Patti
Haunted House- Jess
Jess and Becky won the unofficial carving contest!  And we all admired everyone's hard work :-)

I loved the Fall party with the family!  I was so excited I got to see the boys in their costumes, get a little pumpkin carving going, and generally celebrate the season!  Thanks for playing for the weekend, Van Leers!  You gave us a great reason to party :-)

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