Shantel + Jon 4ever

I wasn't just in Colorado to hike and play in the mountains!  Shantel was getting married!  I wasn't around for her moving back to Loveland, meeting Jon, or any of the dating and engagement.  I kept up with everything through the phone, but I was so excited to see her and her family again, and meet the guy who swept her off her feet!
I was thrilled to be invited to her wedding and took about a million pictures of it all happening.  I tried my best to remember I wasn't the photographer, but her colors were gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and the little touches that her venue had done were all perfect together.
I drove up with Leslie, and we got there and ran into Shantel's mom outside the venue, and she goes "Cindy?!" and gave me the biggest hug.  I was already having a great time, haha.  But Carli overheard and came out of their dressing room and told Leslie and I to come in!  We stayed to take a couple pictures and have a bit of the wine toast ourselves :-)
Leslie and I were then taken upstairs to the bar to meet Shantel's Mom's friend Kelly, who they thought we would get along with.  We totally did!  (I peaked in on the champagne toast area for later, it was super adorable, and I later found out that was all their decorations, not Shantel's at all).
So Leslie and I joined Kelly for a glass on wine.  Pre-wedding and I was already 2 drinks in.  This was a very good sign, hahaha
It neared 4pm, so we headed outside to the location of the ceremony.  There was a little winding path...
...with little decorations along the way.
The perfect little touches.  And we got to this little area with everyone else ready for the ceremony!
Then the procession began :-)
And here comes Shantel.  In a dress that was totally her, a homemade birdcage veil and bouquet, and killer shoes.
Wyatt interrupted and goes "Mommy, I forgot my book!" in the middle of the ceremony.  The kids really make these things sometimes, haha
All of the kids contributed to putting the rings on Shantel's finger, which I thought was adorable.
Time for the toasts from the wedding party!  Leslie and I now on our...what glass of wine and champagne?  The ceremony was beautiful, the low-key reception was perfect and we all just got to hang out and celebrate the day.
And 3 cakes.  Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing, white cake with cream cheese frosting and raspberry preserves inside, and a zucchini cake with a ton of fruit in between every layer!  I might have had a part of each of these...  No judgement?
Cakes devoured.  Sun setting.  It was time to head back to Denver with Leslie.
I had such an amazing time, and it was a beautiful wedding.  I thought the world of Jon and am so happy they found each other.  Jon earned further brownie points when he told Shantel to call me up the next day, find out when my flight left, and come meet me wherever to get one more visit in before I left.  I was so completely touched at that!  With all the family in town and only a short honeymoon up in the mountains, I didn't want to monopolize their time at all.  Needless to say I was beyond thrilled that he suggested that!  So Shantel, Jon and I had brunch together the next morning and I got even more time with her, and got to know him even better :-)  Totally earning points with the friend, haha.  I offered them a place to stay if they ever wanted to come East and check out our scenery here.  I hope they take me up on it!

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