Maryland vs. West Virginia.  I look forward to this game every year, despite it being a non-conference game.  I have so many family members currently living in WV, and who went there, or currently go there, or want to go there...  It's kind of a family rivalry for me.  Also, it's tended to predict the season for each team for the amount of time I've been paying attention to this match-up.
And this year upped the ante.  The game would be played at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.  There was a lot of WVU represented there, but I loved seeing all the red dominating the tailgates and surrounding the stadium as we walked in!
The rest of the family chose to support Maryland, even though they didn't go there.  But I mean, we live here!
Even Aunt Ginny was nice enough to support Maryland at the game!  (She picked the good side!)
And the second the Maryland team ran out onto the field, the first drops of rain started.  We spent the rest of the half huddled under rain coats and ponchos.
At half time, we went under to get a little dry (Becky is demonstrating how to text in a downpour).  Since Maryland was winning 30-0, we decided we had seen enough (I mean, I hadn't, but my West Virginia family was ready for dinner) and headed home.
It was a great game!  Go Terps!!

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