Grace Marie Sheridan was born on October 30th to my cousins Joe and Jess.  These are the cousins I visited in Germany and have since moved back to the area!  We were so excited to get the news that they were expecting, and were even more excited when we realized we were going to live close by and could watch their little one grow up!  This is a picture of her I took with my iPhone when I first met her.  Little girl, all dolled up in her finest, and two new parents getting the hang of everything :-)
Fast forward to 3 weeks later, and me and Becky went over to visit with Jess and Grace a bit!  It was Becky's first time meeting her, and she was rewarded with a sweet baby to cuddle while we chatted a little!
Also I brought fluffy blankets to see if I could get some cute pictures of her while we were there!
She was on her way to waking up for feeding time, but I managed to get a couple of her nestled into the blanket, as well as looking around and working the camera :-)
According to Jess, Grace loves to just bury her face into things, and nearly gives Jess a heart attack all the time.  She demonstrated this most clearly in the picture below, and we moved Becky's scarf so we wouldn't be so worried.
Beautiful sleeping girl, content to be held by her family.  Congrats Joe and Jess!  Can't wait to see you guys for Thanksgiving this year too!
Gah she is just the cutest!

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