Mason David Strawcutter

Jessica and I swam together for years in middle school and high school (there are a few years difference between us).  We lost touch when I went out to Colorado, but one of my favorite parts of moving back has been monthly dinners with my Retriever (our swim team mascot) Girls.  It's funny how little has changed between us; our conversations are full of laughs, making fun of each other, and lots of food.  
These stuffed animals were a part of Ryan's proposal to Jessica :-)
Despite us acting like our high school selves whenever we're together, there's proof we're (slowly) becoming adults too.  My first dinner back with them was when Jamie announced she was pregnant.  Her daughter Lily is now 10 months old!  And in that time, there have been two more weddings, four houses bought, and another baby born :-)
Jessica and Ryan got married in November of last year, and I got to meet him when he organized a surprise party for Jessica's birthday in March.  He is super sweet and personable and I've loved getting to know him better each time we all meet up!  So when Jessica announced she was pregnant, we were all really excited for the two of them, and for another baby to become a part of our dinners.  Our little swimmer family is growing!
Mason was born on Halloween and I could not have been more flattered when Jessica asked me if I would do their newborn pictures.  I was so excited and kept the weeks around her due date relatively open for possible picture dates!  We met up Wednesday after work in the last bit of daylight (I'm hating how early the sun sets these days...) at their townhouse in Baltimore, so these are his 6 day old pictures.
Mason was so amazing throughout.  I love taking pictures of babies this young- they are sleepy and so malleable, and you can just keep changing their little outfits while they cozy further into their nap.  And when they dream and smile, it's just magical.
Both Jessica and Ryan were super sweet with him.  They both already seemed really relaxed with him and already totally in love with their guy.  I'm really excited to watch Mason grow up throughout many more Retriever girl dinner get-togethers.
I've posted my favorite pictures of him, but we got well over 50 really good pictures of this little man, so Jessica and Ryan will have some great ones to embarrass him with for years to come.

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