The Gnagey's

Recently I've had an influx of photo shoot requests!  This post will be calorie free, you're welcome for the break :-)
Bill is one of my coworkers, and he asked me one day if I'd be willing to take family portraits for him.  I immediately agreed, and we figured out a random weekend to get this going.  It turned out to be the most gorgeous weekend- weather in the 60s, leaves turning bright colors, and the sun shining off and on throughout the day.  Who knew November could be so warm!  It was the perfect day to take outdoor photographs.  No one was too cold or too hot, and we all had a great time hanging out outside. 
Actually, the perfect weather meant John was disappointed we were making him sit still and take pictures- he just wanted to run all around the yard!  But both he and Ella were amazing for sitting still as long as they did, and Bill and Jessica were so patient with them when they wouldn't.  It was such a fun photo shoot, I was flattered to be a part of it!  Enjoy some of my favorites from the afternoon!  I love love love the pictures of them all cracking up together, it really captures the mood of the day :-)
Amazing weather to photograph an amazing family.  Thanks for letting me hang out guys!

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